An Agreement is defined as:
1: the act of agreeing or of coming to a mutual arrangement
2: an arrangement that is accepted by all parties to a transaction
3: a contract or other document delineating such an arrangement
4: unanimity of opinion
1: an understanding
2: a compact
3: a contract


When two people play bridge as a team, there must be a partnership agreement. Otherwise, no communication can occur. Communication and the exchange of information is the essential key to playing bridge and each partner must understand the line of communication, because the auction or bidding process is nothing else than a conversation.

Included within this site are the Basic Guidelines and several Conventions and some Treatments. If you and your partner agree to use these, then you should also have a written partnership agreement. Having a partnership agreement written on paper means, that you can go back to the agreement and erase, delete, add, amend and check any item, which may become or has become a point of contention. If one partner deviates from this agreement, then he is in breach of contract. This breach of contract also signifies that the line of communication has been broken, and the other partner will no longer be able to understand the conversation.

The following Basic Guidelines, Conventions and Treatments are by no means etched in stone. This means that if you and your partner find other methods of describing the combined 26 cards dealt to you, then by all means, put them in written form and adhere to them. Putting your partnership agreement in written form can be very beneficial. You can always refer back to it in case there is a misunderstanding. Following the partnership agreement at all times develops that important element of trust between partners, which is absolutely necessary.

Adding your own preferred Conventions and Treatments to your own personalized partnership agreement is highly recommended, because it is important that each bridge player expands his bidding skills and also knows and recognizes even the meaning of bids made by the opponents, who may use different Conventions and Treatments.

Just because you do not have the majority of the high card points does not mean that you cannot bid. The old example of bidding 7 Spades, when being dealt all 13 cards of the Spade suit, is still valid. Remember that distribution can sometimes be the key to a successful contract. If you and your partner share a partnership agreement, then you will also be able to balance with confidence.

Whatever you decide, always try to remain within the allotted boundaries of your personal partnership agreement. In this manner, you will never have a confused partner sitting across from you. By using a partnership agreement, you will avoid many emotional situations in the future. By adhering to the partnership agreement, you will be able to avoid mishaps as you continue to play and develop that essential element of trust in your partner.


Basically two players affirm that they will abide by the stipulations contained in the individual partnership agreement and that these agreed understandings are promises, constitute a declaration, and represent a pledge to partner. By abiding by such a partnership agreement the two players affirm that they will do their utmost to build the element of trust between them. By this action both players will also establish a foundation of confidence, which is crucial when playing as a partnership.



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