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csbnews - csbnews is a WW bridge news channel, in Spanish and English. One and only place to find out what happened, what is happening and what will happen in bridge in the world. You know everything that happens world wide in bridge and other sports, even mind sports. The visitor will find out everything that happens in their favorite mind sport bridge.

Que es la CSBnews? - (In Spanish). CSBnews es un canal de noticias del bridge mundial, en español y en ingles. Un solo lugar para enterarte de todo lo que pasó, lo que esta pasando y lo que pasara en el bridge en el mundo. Ya sabes todo lo que pasa en el futbol mundial...en el tenis mundial...en la NBA...en el Golf mundial... aqui te vas a enterar de todo lo que pasa en tu deporte mental preferido el bridge.

African Bridge Federation - The visitor must first select the language presented on the Home Page, either English on top or French at bottom. In the description about the evolution of the ABF the visitor will read:

Welcome to the African Bridge Federation Zone 8 Web Site.

After many years of hard work, our wish for an African Zone was finally granted in year 2000. This could not have been possible without the support of President of WBF, Mr. José Damiani for which the Zone is eternally grateful. We now have 18 countries registered in our Federation.

Since inception our efforts to promote Bridge in Africa has been greatly enhanced by active support of CBOME and Mr. Pierre Chavannaz.

Due to unfavourable political climate in two of our member countries bridge activity diminished but we are hopeful and look forward for peaœ and normality to return.

Year 2003 sees the retirement of Mr. Julius Butkow from the Presidency of SABF (South African Bridge Federation) after 30 years at its helm. He is a legend in bridge fraternity in South Africa and in our Zone. Many years ago when Kenya was to host the 1st African Championship he came to Kenya twice to assist in organizing the event. Without his helping hand it would not have been the success it was. He tirelessly supported the formation of our Zone. We wish him well in his retirement knowing that he will remain very active with ABF.

Important Note: Owing to the political turmoil in several of the African countries it is impossible to organize the game of bridge in an orderly fashion, especially if there are few funds for meeting the standards set by the cyberspace bridge community. The African Bridge Federation attempts to keep the information updated and up-to-date about the bridge activities.


Kenya Bridge Association - The history of the Kenya Bridge Association follows and is from the Home Page:

The Kenya Bridge association was tormed in 1963 with an initial membership of just under one hundred and fifty members. While membership has never risen above 200 in the forty two year period since its inception, the standard of bridge in this country has been surprisingly high in relation to the size of the association’s membership.

During the entire history of the organization from 1963 to today, the Kenya Bridge association has been fielding the teams in the East, Central and Southern African Region.

Kenya Bridge Association being an affiliate of the Kenya National Sports Council is recognized by the ministry of sports as the only body entrusted with running bridge activities in Kenya and mandated to select teams to international participation. Kenya’s first overseas bridge competition involved sending a touring team to Britain in 1967.

Kenya entered a national team in the 1968 world bridge Federation team Olympiad at Deauville in France.
Unfortunately due to South African participation in World Bridge Federation events, the Kenya Bridge Association was unable to enter another world championship until the 1978 world Pairs championships in New Orleans.

Kenya entered three pairs and one team in the 1982 World Pairs Championship in Biarritz, France which now includes a knockout team event.

Objectives of the Kenya Bridge Association

The Association shall be non-political and non-racial. The aims and objectives of the association are:

Promote interest in and provide facilities for duplicate tournament and other forms of contract bridge for its members.

Provide a means of measuring and recording the achievements of players of organized Duplicate Bridge.

Seek affiliation to such other Contract Bridge organizations as it may desire.

Enter other teams into International Bridge events.

Create a greater awareness of the game amongst the nationals of the country and to develop a youth participation in bridge.



Lusaka Bridge Club is probably the oldest of any formal club in the country, dating back to 1947. No official website is available, but a blogspot, licensed to Shiraz Limbada and monitored by Bill Hughes is presented. The members play every Monday at the Lusaka Golf Club (Safari Lounge) from 7.00pm until 10.3 pm. On an average the club has 6 to 7 tables every Monday. Members of the club participate in EBU, BGB, WBF tournaments. There is at least one tournament a month. Two to three pairs nearly always feature within the first 50 of the EBU and similar tournaments. Contact person is: Mr. Nic J. Money, Email address:

Other African countries with bridge playing members include:

Country   Contact Person via Email Address and/or Website
Botswana   G. Daniel
Djibouti   A. Todesco
Egypt   Mohsen Kamel - Website:
Gabon   J. Gayraud
Ghana   D. Gidwani
Ivory Coast   D. Lapaz
Madagascar   P. Davidson
Mauritius   P. Philogene


Bolivia Confederation of Bridge - Confederación de Bridge

Bridge Association of Serbia - The Bridz Savez Srbije is officiating the game of bridge in Serbia.

Bridge Club Tivoli - Bridge Club Tivoli was founded on March 28, 1990, by four young bridge players residing in Tivoli Park, Ljubljana, Slovenia: Gregor Kit, Damjan Lipužiè, Miro Novak and Matija Šenk. Shortly afterwards, the club joined the bridge club for Junior Players, who wanted to acvance in bridge competition in Slovenia.

Chaos Bridge - Located in the Chechen Republic, or Chechnya, and contains many links for the bridge player.

Hong Kong Bridge Association - This Website offers News and Announcements, Schedules and Links.

Hungary Bridge Federation - This is the Magyar Bridzs Szövetség of Hungary in its national language.

Iceland Bridge Union or Bridgesamband Íslands - This Website contains pertinent information about the game of bridge in Iceland, and is only in the language of the country.

International Women's Online Bridge Club - The purpose of the Club will be to have a special website where women can get information about Women’s Bridge – both on line and in clubs, tournaments, Festivals and Championships.

Latvia Bridge Federation - Latvijas Bridža Federācija - As the only bridge club in the country of Latvia, in the city of Riga, all bridge players receive all pertinent information via this website. There is also an additional web page for Junior Bridge. A bridge forum is also available. Information in English is sparse.

Malta Bridge Association - In 1993, most Bridge players felt the need for the formation of an Association which would act as promoter and governing body for all duplicate bridge and bridge competitions held on the island. A large number of interested players held a public meeting in one of the clubs and thus The Malta Bridge Association, a non profit organisation was constituted.

The founder members were Dr. Albert Ganado LL.D., Dr. Francis Consiglio M.D. Ing. Albert Sacco, Mr. Mario Dix, Mr. Stephen Borg, Mr. Gino Miceli and Mrs Joan Consiglio. Dr. Ganado was elected as the first President of the Association.

Bridge Club Skopje - Founded in the year 1992 by Mr. Goce Burzevski, Paul Grujoski, Mr. Dragon Nikolic, and Mr. Goran Hadzivasilev in the city of Skopje in the Republic of Macedonia.

Bridge Klub Sombor - Located in Belgrade, Serbia. Sombor is a city and municipality located in Serbia. The designation is the name of the city and also the municipality. It is the administrative center of the West Backa District of Serbia. The introduction for the Bridge Klub Sombor is in the native language and is translated approximately so:

There is a well-known French proverb, which states: You must always connect pleasure with useful. It is just bridge, a game, say the French last year (2007), when the competition was in their country; but in the world, this intellectual competitive game is a very popular game, especially among young people. Many will ask the question as to how bridge brings pleasure brings about social benefit?

The answer should be sought in the fact that the game of bridge is not only a game and entertainment, which is true and correct, but it is recognized as the spirit of sport and intelligence. However, not all, because data show that after the recommendations of a UNESCO (United Nations Education, Science and Culture) the game was introduced in many countries as a useful tool of instructional content in all educational institutions, from primary school to university.

Bridge is a special social phenomenon. This conclusion is possible since it is known that in the world today about 100 million persons play this intellectual game. If you have the patience to read this introduction, then you will get to know how the game of bridge is useful as a social activity and as an intellectual sport and pastime. You are expected to launch the initiative in order to bring the game of bridge to your area, and to help the general public in learning with this medium about intellectual sport games and the Olympic spirit.

Namibia - Mr. A Kanan is the President of the Bridge Club, but we do not have any Website or Email Address at the moment.

Niš Bridge Club - Nis Bridge Club - Niš is a city in Serbia on the river Nišava. This city is the largest city of South Serbia and third-largest city in the country, after Belgrade and Novi Sad. The city is siituated at the crossroads of Balkan and Central European highways, connecting Asia Minor to Europe, Niš is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans and is also a university center.

Pattaya Bridge Club - The Pattaya Bridge Club was established in 1994 in Thailand and has played at various locations in Pattaya. A friendly club with a zero (or near zero) tolerance policy. In addition to access to the web site, free news sheet, hand print-outs, free lessons, free leaflets etc, our members also have the benefit of being able to borrow books and other items from the club library.

Pomeranian Bridge Association - Pomorski Wojewódzki Związek Brydża Sportowego - Pomerania (Polish: Pomorze; German: Pommern) is a region on the southern shore of the Baltic Sea in northern Europe, split between Germany and Poland. The website provides pertinent information only in the Polish language. The address in Poland is: ul. Marynarki, Polskiej 80, 80-557 Gdańsk, Poland.

Russian Bridge League - Russian Bridge League (only in Cryllic letters)
Contact Address
Mr. Michael Rosenblum
Starokoniushennyj 19-64
121002 Moscow
Telephone: 7-095-241 8152
Telephone: 7-095-205 0115
Facsimile: 7-095-241 7300

Slovene Bridge Association - This website offers the visitor in the native language pertinent information about the game of bridge and contains many archived features.

Tasmania Bridge Association - The TBA is is the largest bridge club in the state with about 380 members and is the administrative body for the game of bridge in Tasmania. Local Tasmanian clubs affiliated with the TBA are Burnie, Devonport, and Ulverstone in the north-west region, Tamar and Launceston in the north, and southern clubs Kingborough, Eastern Shore and Hobart City. The TBA is responsible for running national and state events including the Australian Swiss Pairs championships and the Roger Penny Senior Swiss Pairs competition. These are conducted annually with the venue alternating between Hobart and Launceston. The TBA also administers the Masterpoints system for the ABF and endeavours to promote the growth and teaching of bridge throughout Tasmania via its affiliated clubs.

Thailand Bridge League

United States

American Contract Bridge League

United States Bridge Federation
The purpose of the United States Bridge Federation (USBF) is to advance the interests of the United States in international bridge competition, including the selection and support of United States bridge teams and players in international and Olympic bridge competition.


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