There are many enthusiastic bridge players also in Asia, and one should remember that Bridge is an international language, which can be understood everywhere. Asia consists of many beautiful countries which are full of heritage, tradition, customs, and culture. If the visitor would like to help us with this list, then he/she is encouraged to do so. Send us your links and we shall add them here.

Following are several bridge websites in Asia. We have decided to include them under this general heading instead of forming a link to each country.


Hong Kong Contract Bridge Association
The Hongkong Contract Bridge Association (HKCBA) was founded in 1950/1951 by a number of enthusiasts of the game. HKCBA is the official Hong Kong representative member organization to the World Bridge Federation, under Zone 6. It is a member of the Pacific Asia Bridge Federation (PABF), which includes member National Contract Bridge Organizations (NCBOs) of Australia, China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

Bridge Club HKUSU
Located at University in Hong Kong. Presented in English.

Bridge House
This website in Hong Kong offers News, information regarding Tournaments, Masterpoint List, a Discussion Board and other pertinent information. Bridge House is a simple community. They have no privileged membership, no high-sounding targets, no politics, no brawls, no unnecessary formalities. And they wish that you to join them to explore and experience the profound joys of bridge, to enhance bridge techniques through tournaments, to know more bridge friends and to recommend this game of wisdom and excitement to people you know.

Club de Recreio
Located in Hong Kong. The information is in a .pdf file format and will be opened in a new window of your browser.

Contract Bridge Club HKUSTSU
The Hong Kong Univeristy of Science and Technology. Contract Bridge Club was established in 1991. Originally due to the limited number of societies and clubs in HKUST, the Club was under Student Affair Office, HKUST (SAO). As the number of societies and clubs in HKUST increased, many societies started to be affiliated by the Students' Union, HKUST (HKUSTSU). Contract Bridge Club has also been affiliated by HKUSTSU at the end of 1994, and the official name was therefore changed to Contract Bridge Club, HKUSTSU. The Club is now a Independent Club Association (ICA) affiliated by HKUSTSU. In the academic year 2003-2004, there are around 100 members including undergraduate students and postgraduate students in HKUST.

Fuklien Bridge
FBC is Run by: Simon Chan, Johnson Wong, Vinci Lam, Belinda Chan.

The Kowloon Cricket Club
Located in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The game of bridge was introduced in the late Seventies or early Eighties that bridge to the Club as a competitive game. At the time, a few members (among whom were Fred Hutchinson, Elmo D'Souza and Andrew Maslowicz) played friendly games in the bar area. Norah Allen was the original organiser of Duplicate Bridge which was played in the old squash court. Not being very popular to start with, guests were welcome to boost the numbers. Norah regularly invited some very good young players who were blind and Braille cards were used.

Ladies Recreation Club
The LRC has a fast growing Bridge community, playing both socially and competitively at regular organised activities as well as Inter-Club League Tournaments. The Club also co-hosts the Mixed Pair and Ladies Open events in conjunction with the Hong Kong Contract Bridge Association.

Monday Bridge Group
Located in Hong Kong. The group was started by Gerry Morris at the HK Cricket Club and with the help of some very keen bridge enthusiasts it quickly grew from strength to strength. Over the years MBG moved from HK Cricket Club to Country Club and is currently based at the LRC.


Japan Contract Bridge League
The Japan Contract Bridge League (JCBL) was founded in 1953 and incorporated in 1982 under the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture in order to promote and popularize the game of contract bridge in Japan.

Japan Contract Bridge Center
In English.

Bridge Clubs in JCBL
This webpage presents a list of authorised bridge clubs affiliated with the Japan Contract Bridge League. Several of these bridge clubs have an Internet presence, but not all. If not, then there is an email address.

Kyoto University Bridge Club
This website has been created by members of the Kyoto University. They have done a fine job and we should visit as often as possible. The Bridge Players in Kyoto have been so kind as to offer an English version as well as a Japanese version, so you should have no problem. Once you have stopped by, please leave a message to let them know that you were there.

NEC Bridge Festival
On this website the visitor will find the highlights and schedules for the NEC Bridge Festival organised by Japan Contract Bridge League (JCBL) featuring its main event, NEC Cup. NEC Bridge Festival is the only international bridge competition held in Japan. This website also reports on the Ouchi Cup, the Foreign Ministar's Cup and the Asuka Cup.


Singapore Contract Bridge Association
Welcome to the website of the Singapore Contract Bridge Association (SCBA)! We are the official National Sports Association (NSA) for Contract Bridge under the Singapore Sports Council.


Singapore National Bridge League
In accordance with the change in name to National Bridge League, the new logo represents national identity. Inspiration was taken from the Singapore national flag. Red symbolises universal brotherhood and equality while black enhances the element of Bridge in the designs. The suit symbols - spade, heart, diamond and club - represent Contract Bridge as a card game.

The Hong Kong Cricket Club
The Hong Kong Cricket Club is situated in the heart of Hong Kong Island surrounded by the hills and greenery of Wongnaichung Gap. The Club is rich in history but has kept pace with the times. Members can enjoy a host of sports and activities - from Cricket to Tennis, from Bridge to Yoga - encompassed in a modern clubhouse with cricket ground, sports annexe and swimming pool in verdant surroundings.


The two gentleman, Mr. Song Zhao of Shenyang Dongyou and Mr. Nick Justice of the International On Line Bridge Club, are the main personalities mentioned in the Press Release, published in London, England, on June 27, 2001. This article can be found on line at Bridge Club Live. The article, for the convenience of the visitor is published unchanged below and is directly quoted from the press release.

British and Chinese Agree Joint Internet Bridge Venture

A British-based internet bridge consortium this week signed a two year agreement which will provide greater opportunities for enthusiasts in China to play online.

The agreement follows a meeting between representatives of the consortium The International On-Line Bridge Club (IOBC) and the China Bridge Net (Shenyang Dongyu E-Commerce Co. Ltd). The exclusive joint venture between the two companies provides conversion of the latest IOBC Java client into a Chinese language version with China Bridge Net carrying out all language conversion from graphics source code provided by the IOBC.

Nick Justice, Managing Director of IOBC, said today China has around 5,000,000 bridge players, including more than 15,000 already on line so this unique facility will bring an exciting new range of players into the International On Line Bridge Club and at the same time provide the Chinese players a wider range of playing opportunities outside their own country.

Under the terms of the joint venture China Bridge Net (presently off line) provide the official on-line bridge playing service for the Contract Chinese Bridge Association (CCBA) within China. They also provide membership and web site services for the CCBA. China Bridge Net will promote Bridge Player Live! on the official CCBA Bridge Web site as an additional optional fee based membership for those Chinese players registered on the Chinese on-line bridge system who also wish to play internationally.

The International On-Line Bridge Club (IOBC) aunched its latest Java client earlier this year, enabling the widest range of users (including Apple/MAC owners) to enjoy its on line bridge service with players from around the world. This version operates alongside its well established Windows product that has been running for over 6 years. The IOBC also provides the online bridge service for the English Bridge Union.

Target launch date of the Chinese Java version is August 1st, 2001.

End quoted text from the Press Release.



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