Federação Brasileira de Bridge - Brazilian Federation of Bridge
The Brazilian Bridge Federation is the entity responsible for the Bridge in Brazil. The Brazilian Bridge Federation - FBB is a civil, non-profit sports activity, with administrative autonomy as to its organization and operation, according to Article 217, Paragraph I of the Constitution, which is governed by rules that are 9165/98 , 9981/00 and adopted in their competitions sporting rules laid down by the World Bridge Federation, Confederacion Sudamericana de Bridge, and the Brazilian Olympic Committee.

Federaçäo Brasileira de Bridge
On this web page all the bridge clubs are listed, which are associated with the Brazilian Bridge Federation.

Clube de Bridge Belo Horizonte
The Belo Horizonte Bridge Club is a non-profit association, based in Belo Horizonte. The Clube de Bridge Belo Horizonte aims to spread the culture associated with the game of bridge, promote tournaments and championships, promote courses, lectures, and studies with the intent of disseminating knowledge about the the game of bridge, promote the encounter and dialogue between its members. We are linked to the Brazilian Federation of Bridge and take care of the registration of players in this organization to enable participation in national and international games.

Blogspot of Bridge Clube de Belo Horizonte


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