There are many excellent bridge players in the United Kingdom and we would like to pay our respects to the subjects of the Queen in our humble manner. Please visit the following Links and Personal Pages and you will discover a New World of conventions, systems and treatments. As the English in their research are quite thorough, you may discover things heretofore unknown to you. Please be so kind and send your regards and a big American and/or International greeting once you have visited. Please check out our Map of the United Kingdom.

English Bridge Union - Counties EBU Links
Avon Contract Bridge Association Avon
Bedfordshire Bridge Association Bedfordshire
Berks and Bucks Berks and Bucks
Cambs and Hunts Cambs and Hunts
Channel Islands - Sub-Division Jersey Channel Island
Cornwall Contract Bridge Association Cornwall
Cumbria Contract Bridge Association Cumbria
Derbyshire Contract Bridge Association Derbyshire
Devon County Contract Bridge Association Devon
Dorset Contract Bridge Association Dorset
Essex Contract Bridge Association Essex
Gloucestershire Contract Bridge Association Gloucestershire
Hants & Isle of Wight Contract Bridge Association Hampshire - See below for maps
Herefordshire County Bridge Association Herefordshire
The Hertfordshire Bridge Association Hertfordshire
Isle of Man Isle of Man
Kent Contract Bridge Association Kent
Lancashire Contract Bridge Association Lancashire
Leicestershire Contract Bridge Association Leicestershire
Lincolnshire Contract Bridge Association Lincolnshire
The London Metropolitan Bridge Association London
Manchester County Bridge Association Manchester
Merseyside & Cheshire Bridge Association Merseyside
Middlesex County Bridge Association Middlesex
Norfolk Contract Bridge Association Norfolk
North Eastern Bridge Association North Eastern
Northamptonshire Contract Bridge Association Northamptonshire
Nottinghamshire Contract Bridge Association Nottinghamshire
Oxfordshire Bridge Association Oxfordshire
Somerset Contract Bridge Association Somerset
Staffordshire and Shropshire Contract Bridge Association Staffordshire
Suffolk Contract Bridge Association Suffolk
Surrey County Bridge Association Surrey
Sussex County Contract Bridge Association Sussex
Warwickshire Contract Bridge Association Warwickshire
Westmoreland and Wiltshire Contract Bridge Association Wiltshire
Worcestershire Contract Bridge Association Worcestershire
Yorkshire Contract Bridge Association Yorkshire
Welsh Bridge Union
North Wales Bridge Association
Mid Wales Bridge Association
West Wales Bridge Association
East Wales Bridge Association
Scottish Bridge Union Scottish Bridge Union - East District
Northern Ireland Bridge Union  
Contract Bridge Association of Ireland Templeogue House, Templeogue Road, Dublin 6W



Aces Hi - Bridge and Social Activities for Young Professionals. Also: Aces Hi East. Aces Hi is a lively London-based network for learning and playing bridge. The members meet in different parts of London. The sister bridge club, the Ruff Club in Camden Town, can be located at Ruff Club. Bridge director of Aces Hi! is Mr. Ned Paul, a well-known bridge teacher and director. Mr. Ned Paul, is a Professional member of the English Bridge Union Teachers Association and has taught at other London clubs including the Acol and Young Chelsea clubs. Mr. Ned Paul also runs The Ruff Club. In 2001 Mr. Ned Paul was bridge advisor to the Oscar-winning film Gosford Park. Mr. Ned Paul contributes regularly to Bridge magazine.

Andrew Robson Bridge Club - Primarily a teaching club, the Andrew Robson Bridge Club offers 5 courses: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Plus and Master. All courses last for eight weeks, once weekly and take place during the three school terms. In the words of the Andrew Robson bridge teaching staff: Bridge is quite simply the best game that man has ever devised. With over three million players in the UK and 220 million players in the UK and 220 million worldwide, bridge has become THE game to play for the young and old alike. It is totally captivating, challenging, sociable and great fun. The Andrew Robson Bridge Club was opened in September 1995 and, with more than 1000 members within one year, it has quickly established itself as London's No. 1 teaching club. It is ideally located on the Beach - a most lively and exiting area of Chelsea. With full page features in the London Evening Standard and the Harpers and Queen, its meteoric success is due to its unique atmosphere. It is so comfortable and friendly that it is like playing Bridge at home with expert tuition at hand. Read Andrew weekly in the Country Life Magazine.

Antonine Bridge Club - Website currently not available. Located in Bearsden, Glasgow, Scotland, the bridge club is part of the Scottish Bridge Union.. The bridge club is based at Kilmardinny House in Bearsden, which is a local Arts Centre.

AnnAM Co.UK. - A well designed Web site in England where the visitor can find information about SAYC Simplified, different Conventions, Two-over-One Bidding System, and much more. Much of the provided information is used and/or contributed on OKBridge.

Austenwood Bridge Club - The club which meets in the Tony Graham Room at the Community Centre, normally has pairs events each Monday except for the first Monday in the month when a multiple teams event is held.

Aylesbury Bridge Club - Includes all the pertinent information.

Beckenham Bridge Club - Beckenham Bridge Club holds duplicate sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at the Public Halls, Bromley Road, Beckenham. They operate a host system and aim to find visitors a partner.

Bedford Bridge Club - The Bedford Bridge Club and the Brickhill Bridge Club.

Bexhill Bridge Club - Includes all the pertinent information. Meets at: St. Augustine's Church Hall, Cooden Drive.

Bracknell Bridge Club - Welcome to the official web site of the Bracknell Bridge League.

Bradford Bridge Club - They regard Bradford Bridge Club as one of the country's premier regional venues. They have their own premises, a Victorian listed building on the outskirts of Bradford city centre.

Bridge at the Limes - Hosted by Linda Woods. Bridge weekends in a seventeenth-century house in the heart of the Norfolk countryside.

Bridge Club Live or The International Online Bridge Club - At this Website, the visitor can become a member of the Online Bridge Club, specializing in ACOL bridge. It will be necessary to register as a member, download the software and then become a participating member online. There is online Help, an online Playing Guide, and Convention Cards. The Home Page also informs the member of the Results, News, and Events. The visitor has the possibility to meet the Community Hosts, join The Newsletter E-Mail Group and The Discussion Email Group, and read The Bulletin Board.

Bridge Conventions - Mr. Graeme Williams has created a personal Website for his favorite pastime with the inclusion of a long list of Systems, Conventions, Signals and History of the game.

Bridge Magazine - An Internet Bridge Magazine published in the United Kingdom and which can be ordered. Many well known bridge experts are contributors to this English publication. Aslo a Bridge Shop and Bargain Books.

Bridge Plus -Regarded as the best perhaps and the friendliest (readers say) bridge magazine in the United Kingdom. At this Website the visitor can read about the Latest News, do the Quizzes, read about the Authors, review the Features, which are the featured bridge hands chosen for their uniqueness.

Bridge Squeezes - Mr. Anthony Moon of England has dedicated his website to the game of bridge and to the feature of the execution of bridge squeezes. He has authored and published his first series of books on bridge squeezes. He was born in Kenya in 1943 where my father was an Agricultural Officer with the Government. In London he joined the London School of Bridge, owned and managed by Nico Gardener. As of 2001 he has begun his career as a bridge author.

Bristol Bridge Club - Advertised as Bristol's Oldest and Biggest Bridge Club. The purpose is, according to the owner is: Put some sparkle in your life - come and enjoy a game of bridge in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Have a drink or some freshly prepared food in our newly re-furbished licensed bar. If you want to learn the game or improve, we run a variety of lessons to suit everyone.

Bromsgrove's Bridge Club - Pertinent information for members of the Bromsgrove Bridge Club and the Spadesbourne Bridge Club. Bromsgrove Bridge Club is EBU affiliated and plays Duplicate Bridge. The Club's emphasis is on a friendly atmosphere with a good standard of Bridge. Visitors are welcome most evenings, and the Club operates a host system.

Cambridge Bridge Club - Meets at: Village Hall, High Street, Trumpington.

Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Bridge Association - The website provides news and information about bridge in the county.

Chris Ryall - The visitor must use the Menu at the top of the Home Page to navigate this website. Two advanced features assist the visitor and these are 'Map' and 'Search' in the Menu. A major feature on the site is a collection of Weak Two methods plus explanations for the Acol bidding system.

Cambridge University Bridge Club - Players of any standard are welcome and their current members range from beginners to international players.

David Stevenson - David Stevenson is at home in the United Kingdom and offers General Bridge Information and Events, General Bridge Articles, Stories of Bridge players, Funny Bridge Articles, Bridge Ruling Articles and much more.


Derek Patterson Bridge Club - Mr. Derek Patterson won the 2005 British Gold Cup. He promises that visitors are welcome, and that if the player does not have a partner, the bridge club will find a partner for you. Whether you are newcomer to the game or a more advanced player, you will enjoy the game in a friendly atmosphere.

Doncaster Contract Bridge Club - DCBC is affiliated to the Yorkshire Contract Bridge Association and the English Bridge Union. This Web site contains details of bridge results, news, facilities, where to find the location in Yorkshire, events, membership details, lesson details, links to other bridge clubs and organisations etc.

Dorridge Bridge Club - Located on Manor Road in Dorridge, Solihull, West Midlands, United Kingdom. The Dorridge Bridge Club began began in October of the year 1976.

Durham University Bridge Club - Maintained by Chris Simpson. At the graduate society bridge club there is no table money or membership fee. People just come along to play some cards and have a drink. Members have free use of the equipment which include duplicate boards, bidding boxes and books. More experienced members are always willing to teach those less able, including absolute beginners.

Ealing Bridge Club
The Ealing Bridge Club is based in Ealing, 10 miles west of central London, and which plays duplicate bridge at St Stephen House.

East Sussex Bridge Club - Managed by Ken Latty and Barbara Herold.

Edinburgh University - The President is Andrew Sinclair and the Webmaster is Kieron Green and their motto is: The aim of the EU Bridge Club is to promote the social aspect of playing bridge whilst at the same time encouraging new players to the game and entering teams in appropriate competitions. In accordance with these aims, we welcome players of all standards, from beginners to experts, and, in the social spirit, usually drink a lot.

Enfield Duplicate Bridge Club - Known formerly as the Muswell Hill Bridge Club. The website contains all pertinent information for the players such as Club Details, Results, Calendar, and much more.

English Bridge Union - The English Bridge Union (EBU) is a membership-funded organisation committed to promoting the game of duplicate bridge. It is also a National Bridge Organisation in its own right affiliated to the European Bridge League and the World Bridge Federation.

The EBU is made up of 39 constituent County Associations each with nominees holding shares. At its AGM in October, the shareholders elect a Board of ten directors and then, among their number, a Chairman and Vice-Chairman. The 39 counties nominate over 80 delegates, which forms a Council who meet four times a year to determine policy in the government of the game.

Every year the Council elects an Honorary Treasurer and three committees. The committees, which are the Tournament Committee, Law and Ethics committee and International Selection, consist of seven elected members. In addition, there are sub committees of the Board which include the Editorial board, Education Sub Committee, Online Advisory Group and Computer Working Party.

The national headquarters of the English Bridge Union are in Aylesbury where over 20 professional people support and advise the committees and help implement policy.

Exeter Golf and Country Club Limited - Pertinent information for the bridge player.

Graeme Williams Bridge - This section tries to unravel some of the conventions that are around today, at least to give the visitor some idea what the opponents are playing. There is an index list of cross referenced conventions on the Bridge Conventions page, containing many different conventions, from which the visitor can select.

Highgate Bridge Club - Welcome to North London's friendly and very active club.

Mr. Barry Farncombe teaches players on a private basis how to play bridge. He is located in London and the Home Counties. Lessons can be downloaded. The main feature is that Kitchenbridge is coming to you, the student, at a time and place that fits in with the schedule of the learning bridge player.

Bridge Bidding Acol - Bid and defend with confidence with this easy to use Standard Acol Bridge guide!
The Kitchenbridge flipper is an easy to use memory-aid that will help you bid and defend with renewed confidence. The unique colour coding and easy to follow layout is perfect for the beginner to intermediate player.

Kitchenbridge SAYC Flipper - The Kitchenbridge SAYC flipper is an easy to use memory-aid that will help you bid and defend with renewed confidence. The unique colour coding and easy to follow layout, is perfect for the beginner, intermediate and rusty player.Used by the Opener, Responder and Overcaller, the flipper also contains basic SAYC conventions Stayman, Blackwood, Gerber, Transfers as well as the common bids of Jacoby 2NT and Reverses.

Kitchenbridge Blog - Created bu Mr. Barry Farncombe and devoted to some of those bridge personalities and his experiences teaching.

Kitchenbridge Flipper - Available as a pocket sized flipper or App for iPhone and iPad.

Lawrence Gaunt's Home Page - The Webmaster, Mr. Lawrence M. Gaunt presents a well-designed Web site for Bridge Players. He presents the Hilton Best of Bridge, Club Results Services, New Amersham Bridge Club Diary, News from Bucks and Berks, Bridge Conventions, Problem Pages, Statistics of Hand Shapes, and much more. His Photo Galleries is quite extensive.

Lowestoft Bridge Club - The home page of the most easterly Bridge Club in Great Britain. Lowestoft is a fishing port and seaside resort in north-east Suffolk. The club is affiliated to Norfolk County Bridge Association and the English Bridge Union.

Malcolm's Great Bridge Links - Malcolm Boyack has compiled an exhaustive list of bridge links on the Internet. He has accomplished very much and accumulated many links to other bridge-related Web sites. Anyone with a personal Web site relating to the Game/Sport of Bridge should feel free to submit his/her personal Web site, which Malcolm will then add to his list. The bridge links are grouped into categories which makes it easier for the visitor to find his/her way through the many different links.

Mayfield Bridge Club - Includes information for visitors, Club Results, Competition News and all other pertinent information.


MercianTravel - Promoted as one of Europe's leading Bridge and Bowling holiday organisers. Based in the United Kingdom and founded in Hull in 1833, the John Good Group is a family owned company with more than 120 years experience in the organisation and management of global travel. Mercian Travel is a subsidiary of Good Travel Management, an independent business travel company which is a part of the John Good Group.

Muswell Hill Bridge Club - Includes all pertinent information and is affiliated to the E.B.U.

Neil Morgenstern's Bridge Homepage - Neil Morgenstern includes several Systems and Conventions and Tips. Living in Brighton, he has also included the Brighton Match Reports starting with 1994.

Northfield Bridge Club - A thriving bridge club which has been in operation since 1992. The club is affiliated to the EBU and Local Master Points are awarded.

North West London Bridge Clubs - Includes links to other bridge clubs.

Oxford Bridge Club - Includes all pertinent information.

Oxford University - The University Bridge Club.

Pershore Duplicate Bridge Club - The Club is affiliated to the English Bridge Union via the Worcestershire Contract Bridge Associaton and participates in the EBU Masterpoints scheme and adheres to the EBU code of Best Behaviour. It is optional for Club members to belong the EBU.

Peterborough Bridge Club - Although geographically located within Cambridgeshire, Peterborough Bridge Club is affiliated to the Northamptonshire Association, a constituent county of the English Bridge Union.

Preston Bridge Club - Includes all pertinent information.

Richmond Bridge Club - Richmond-upon-Thames Bridge Club is a dedicated bridge club in SW Greater London. They offer a full range of bridge playing facilities including traditional rubber bridge, and club duplicate bridge at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. They also offer bridge tuition for newcomers. Richmond Bridge Club is affiliated to Surrey County Bridge Association and to the English Bridge Union.

Spring Park Bridge Club - Founded in 1968. This bridge club is a friendly club where intermediate and experienced players play duplicate bridge, and is affiliated to the English Bridge Union. A history of the bridge club is also available on this site: History.

Thame Bridge Club - Includes all the pertinent information.

Totteridge Bridge Club - Located in London, England. All pertinent information can be viewed on the website.

Unusual Articles on Contract Bridge - The personal website of Mr. David King. A collection of articles on a variety of little covered aspects of Contract Bridge.

Westbourne School of Bridge - If you are one of the massive number of players who need help from time to time simply so that you enjoy the game just that little bit more, then hopefully this is the site for you.

Wimbledon Bridge Club - Located at the Kenneth Black Memorial Hall, 56a Worple Road, London SW19 4EY.

Winscombe and District Bridge Club - Winscombe Bridge Club is situated in North Somerset, close to Weston-super-Mare. Duplicate pairs events are held every Tuesday and Friday commencing at 7.15pm.


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