We would like to greet our bridge friends in Greece. We have tried to include as many websites pertaining to the Game of Bridge played in Greece in the following list. We would appreciate your help in completing this list. If you find any Website concerning bridge created in Greece, please inform us and we would be more than happy to include it.

Several bridge-related websites are on the Internet, but only in the Greek language and the text may not be duplicated correctly for this particular alphabet. Any contributions should be translated into English for our visitors, such as the name of the bridge club represented on the Internet.


Greek Bridge Federation - The official website for organized bridge in Greece. As far as can be determined there is no English translation.

List and Google Map locations of various bridge clubs.


BBO Hellas - This Bridge Club is a result of strong friendship among Greek players, who enjoy playing together, make and have fun, and speak their own language. Many of us though, thanks to the internet and BBO, appreciate our non-Greeks friends.

English Version of BBO Hellas

The activities of HELLAS CLUB are:

1. Promotion of Bridge
2. Friendship and Politeness
3. Tournaments
4. Boards Analysis-Lessons by certified Greek Professors (in Greek)
5. Free games at tables in the "HELLAS Public Club"


GreekBridge - Mainly in Greek, but there is an English button. Clicking on this feature in the menu will allow the visitor to view a list of bridge clubs in English letters in the various cities in Greece. All links are accompanied with a Google Map for location. There are also other contact methods such as physical address and telephone number.

English - This web page is included for the English speaking visitor and lists many of the bridge clubs in and around the country of Greece. Many of the bridge clubs have mapping directions for the visitor, which can be directly linked from this web page.

Forum - This is an online forum for bridge players. Main language is Greek.






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