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Bridge Federatie Regio Amsterdam - The Bridge Federation for the Region in Amsterdam. Only in Dutch. Included are most of the Bridge Clubs in the Netherlands, the addresses, telephone numbers and contact persons, the names of the clubs and when they meet, and several email addresses attached. This is the most comprehensive list of all bridge clubs in the Netherlands. - (Note: off line permanently. Preserved for historical reasons.) The site has been founded by Mr. Ed Hoogenkamp, author of Dutch monthly BRIDGE, Mr. Peter van der Linden, ex-editor of BRIDGE and the Daily Bridge Calendar, and Pien Steringa, former DTP, or Desk Top Publisher, responsible for BRIDGE. is not a news site, since there are enough of those. It is a ‘do’-site as well as a ‘read’-site, as such a site is badly needed. One of the ambitions of the makers is: every day new content.

Note: Additional information in .pdf file format has been included about this website owing to the uniqueness of the content of the site.

Alesia Software - This website, only in Dutch, offers the Dutch bridge player a software application for playing the game of bridge on his/her computer. Developed by Mr. Bodil Schrøder and Mr. Jens Brix Christiansen.

BC Naarden - Only in Dutch. Located in the Districts of Gooi and Ommeland. An internal website for local bridge players.

Bornse Bridge Club - Only in Dutch, but gives you quite an extensive package of information about bridge events.

Bridge-Vereinigungen: Information about the various bridge clubs in the Districts Maasland and Meieri are listed online at this website.

Berlicumse Bridge Club, Bridgeclub Amadeiro, Bridgeclub den Dungen, Bridgeclub Seldensate, Bridgevereiniging Gemonde, De Poolse Pas.

Bridgeclub Bolsward - Only in Dutch and under heavy construction. This does not mean that you should not check back every now and then to see the progress.

Bridge Daily Bulletins - Mr. Frank van Wezel and Mr. Hans van de Konijnenberg are from The Netherlands. They both collect books, magazines, and daily bulletins about the game of bridge. These bulletins began to appear during the transition from the written to the digital age and are regularly posted online for the convenience of the participants. Their website contains thousands of bulletins from various tournaments.

Bridgeclub Geldermalsen - Only in Dutch. The website offers Links, addresses and information.

Bridgedistrict Amsterdam - Only in Dutch.

Bridgedistrict Amsterdam - Oversight of Affiliated Clubs- Only in Dutch, and presents a list of various bridge clubs with pertinent information for each listed bridge club.

Nijverdal: Nijverdal is a town of approximately 30000 inhabitants in the Dutch province of Overijssel. It is the commercial centre of the municipality Hellendoorn. Nijverdal was founded in 1836 on the territory of the hamlet Noetsele.

Bridgeclub Harte vrouw - Only in Dutch.

Bridgeclub Hartenvrouw Hilversum Kerkelanden - Only in Dutch.

Bridgeclub Hartenvrouw - Only in Dutch. Hartenvrouw was founded in 1955 and is the oldest bridge club in Nijverdal.

Hilversumse Bridgeclub Hartenvrouw - Only in Dutch. - Only in Dutch. Hilversum-Kerkelanden

Bridgeclub Keerbergen - Only in Dutch. BCK onstond in 1987 als een spin-off uit de huisvlijtbridge van de Nederlandse kolonie in Keerbergen.  Onder impuls van Corinne Lubbers volgden dertien dapperen  een initiatiecursus van Georges Wauters.  Deze gemengde groep  autochtonen en Nederlanders  legden de basis voor de verdere ontwikkeling van bridge in Keerbergen en omgeving.

Bridge Club Klavertje Elf - (Note: Presently off line.) Only in Dutch. Established in 1973 and actually began in a cafe with some interested bridge enthusiasts. This website offers names of contact persons and telephone numbers. You can also find several Conventions explained including examples. Very nicely done and designed. The bridge club is located in Zetten.

Bridgeclub Leidschenhage - Located in Leidschendam. Only in Dutch, but offers internal news for the bridge members. It is noted that this Bridge Club is the largest Bridge Club in Europe with over 800 members.

Bridgeclub Never Down - Only in Dutch and composed by Jacques Snijders. This website contains humorous graphics, general information, calendar of events. And if you can solve his bridge problem, you can win 25 Gilders. He awards cash prizes. This website covers the District West Brabant.

Bridgeclub Never Down - A second website for the same bridge club.

Bridge Club Oog - Welcome to the Bridgeclub Oog in Al uit Utrecht. Only in Dutch, but offers information about the bridge clubs. It has also a link to BIM, the Bridge Internet Magazine, also only in Dutch.

Bridge Club Oosterhout - Only in Dutch. This website offers general information about the club, its members, its activities and events. There is also a bridge play where you can try your luck.

Bridge Club Rookvrij Troef - (Note: Presently off line.)Only in Dutch. Established in 1996 to provide playing bridge in a fully smoke-free environment. The site offers general information about the club and actual news. The designation Rookvrij Troef actually means: Smoke Free Trump. Contains also a large comprehensive list of links to other bridge clubs in The Netherlands.

Bridgeclub Ruit - Located in Amsterdam and established early 1995.

Bridge in Hotel Gaasterland bv - Only in Dutch. A travel agent sells hotel reservations in hotels where you can play bridge. An interesting idea, and I hope it catches on.

Bridgeklubben HCØ - Mr. Jens Brix Christiansen and Mr. Bernhard Kolerus have developed a bridge-intensive website with much information about bridge-related features, including several web pages on the Laws of Contract Bridge. Only in Dutch.

Delftse Bridge Club - Only in Dutch and located in the District of Delft. Very nicely done and designed website.

District Midden Brabant - Only in Dutch, but provides general information for this District. There is a map of the District.

Dutch Bridge Consultant - A bilingual bridge hand where you test your skill and expertise.

Gemeentegids Groningen - A list of local bridge clubs in and around Groningen.

Gooische Bridge Club - Only in Dutch. This website offers much information about bidding, the results of events, the calendar of bridge events, contact persons, location of bridge games. This bridge club was established in 1955.

Henk Uijterwaal - Personal blog in English.

Herman De Wael - In English. His many interests include the game of bridge. Provided are several Bridge Contests, to which he also provides the answer. As a Tournament Director, Mr. Herman De Wael provides also the visitor the opportunity to read all the appeals that he has helped writing up on the excellent International Appeals site of the Swiss Bridge Federation. Although Mr. Herman De Wael lives in Antwerpen, Belgium, we have decided to list his Webiste on this web page.

Het Eiland Voorne - Located in Hellevoetsluis, and only in Dutch. This website provides a list of all the bridge members, their scores and their ranking. The graphics are quite nice.

IMP Bridge Magazine - The Dutch Bridge Magazine for Advanced Players. This magazine is in Dutch and is quite extensive in information. A one year subscription costs approximately $35.

Joop Hietbrink - Google Translation possible. A personal website offering information on very many aspects of the game of bridge, such as conventions, signeling, slam bidding, all supported by examples, which are to be studied in order to understand the concept. Searching the website the visitor will also certainly find the corner, in which Mr. Joop Hietbrink has stored many examples of the cards used in the 1950s.

MegaBridge - This is the web site of Mr. Hans Roodenburg, of Leiden, The Netherlands, with first appearance October 10, 1998. The web site is in English and contains pertinent information. One main feature is the basic presentation of Dutch Acol.

Nederlandse Bridge Bond - You can find the calendar of bridge events and news pertaining to bridge games, telephone numbers and email addresses.

Netherlands Bridge Web - Only in Dutch. A WebMagazine updating the winners and bridge events in Bussum. - Also on Facebook. This category of the main website is devoted to presenting links to national and international bridge websites in both the language of The Netherlands and also English. The links lead the visitor to bridge-related and bridge-dedicated websites around the globe with information also about bridge matches, bridge events, and bridge tournaments. The visitor may have to login or register and can also request that a new link be added.

Persoonlijke Bridge website van Joop Hietbrink - Mr. Joop Hietbrink has created a personal bridge-related site with listings for Conventions, Diverse Notes about Bridge Situations, Explanations about different Signal Methods, and many other features of the game of bridge. This site is only in Dutch.

PWOS Bridge Uitslagen - Only in Dutch. This website offers an extensive list of bridge events, the ranking of bridge members and a calendar of events. Nicely done and designed. The bridge club is located in the District Zuid Oost Brabant.

SBC Dombo - This bridge club is located in Utrecht. Welcome to the homepage of the Student's Bridge Club Dombo, Utrecht, The Netherlands. These pages contain news about the club, the results of recent club games, articles from our monthly magazine Dommy as well as the interactive versions of our bidding contest and bidding quiz. We have also collected the most interesting links on the game of bridge from all over the world. Most material on this site is bilingual.

Standard Dutch Bidding - The system as played by the winners of the Bermuda-Bowl 1993, Womens Pair World Championship 1994 and the Venice-Cup 2000. These pages contain statements by experts and teachers, made in the Dutch Bridge Magazine.

Step Bridge - Contains both a Dutch and an English version. At this site you can download the software to play bridge on the Internet at the online bridge club StepBridge. Playing at StepBridge is free and unlimited. At this site you can find information and the latest news about StepBridge. The use of graphics on this site is kept to a minimum so you can view the pages without unnecessary delays.

Studiekring 1966 - Only in Dutch. This website contains information about bridge events in Rotterdam.

Tres Louche - Only in Dutch. Located in Blaricum. An internal website for local bridge players.

Vikings in Space - Operated by Mr. Jannes van 't Oever of Dutch and Finnish heritage, and who currently resides in Berkeley, California, United States. He is a skilled bridge player, teacher and publisher. The designation for the website, in the words of the author, is that the preferred system is Modified Viking Precision, based on the publication by Glenn Groetheim and terje Aa.

Welkom in Roermond - This is the personal website of Mr. Dré Ruigrok.


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