We shall attempt to keep up with this listing, and ask that our visitors help and assist. If our visitors know of any websites in Italy or any bridge club, please forward this information to us. We have many fellow bridge friends and players in Italy, and many of the bridge experts from the past and present have originated in Italy. We would like to include as many Internet connections as possible to this country, because we are thankful that Italy and its native bridge players have provided so much knowledge to the game and sport of bridge.

Note: Many of the bridge clubs in Italy can be found on the website of the Bridge Federation of Italy. The visitor needs only to first click on Bridgelinks on the Home Page in the left column and then click on Societá Sportive to find a list of all bridge clubs and their location in Italy on the Internet.


Federazione Italiana Gioco Bridge - Bridge Federation of Itay - The official site for organized bridge in Italy.


Archivo Bridge - Mr. Robero Bonari of Italy operates this website for pertinent and archived bridge articles. These archived bridge-related articles range from sistemi to conventioni. Various articles are archived in English and the source is provided. Several of the bridge-related articles are also in French, English, and Italien.

Associazione Bergamasca Bridge
The Association Bergamo Bridge has been established by the merger of two historical associations, namely the Association of Bergamo Bridge and Bridge Orobico. The association is for the exclusive use of members and guests. It is open every day at any time for play. The rooms also include a bar, television, comfortable sofas, free bridge fees, the ability to watch movies and/or to just have a drink of coffee with friends.

Associazione Bergamasca Bridge Loreto
Note: In Italian, German, French, and English language. During the 1980s Mr. Lucio Gallina conducted courses for learning bridge players in the region of Bergamo. After increasing the opportunies for playing the game of bridge and playing in tournaments the local library (biblioteca) became the main source for conducting bridge events. This short history of the Associazione Bergamasca Bridge Loreto is presented below in Italian:

Negli anni 80 del secolo scorso la conoscenza del bridge a Bergamo si era diffusa grazie a numerosi corsi per principianti, tenuti principalmente dal maestro Lucio Gallina. Si disputavano piccoli tornei, diretti dallo stesso Gallina, che con i suoi insegnamenti cercava di migliorare il livello tecnico dei partecipanti anche dopo la fine dei corsi. A queste gare partecipava anche Luciana Moroni, giocatrice con qualche esperienza. Abitando nel quartiere periferico di Loreto, la Moroni aveva intuito le potenzialità di sviluppo del gioco nella sua zona, ed ebbe l' idea di organizzare nella locale biblioteca, insieme a Gallina, tornei diretti dall' arbitro federale Vitty Bonino.

Associazione Bridge Legnano
The website offers information on certain conventional methods, photos, indexes of probabilities, and instructional lessons to learn the game of bridge. A main feature of the website is the EHAA, or Every Hand An Adventure approach, also in English.


Associazione Sportiva Bridge Bologna - Once the visitor arrives at this Web site, click on one of the displayed cards. Everything is in Italian such as the Informazioni, Tornei e Classifiche, Calendario mensile, Il Trova-Partner, Il libro del mese, Dichiara con Porsche, and Tornei Speciali. Navigation is by clicking on any of the displayed cards either on the web page or in the Menu. Beautiful graphics abound everywhere, especially at the entrance.

Associazione Sportiva Bridge Bologna Rastignano - Bridge information for bridge players in Rastignano.

Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Pescara Bridge

Blue Team Club Home Page - In Italien with information about Il Club, Il Sistema and other pertinent information. There is also an English Home Page and a version of the Blue Team Club, which the visitor can download. The explanation is included in the welcome message:

Welcome in the Blue Team Club site. This site is dedicated to the Blue Team Club bridge system. We have written a complete set of System Notes about the version of the Blue Team Club developed by Arturo Franco and Benito Garozzo. This version was used by Arturo, together with Dano De Falco and Vito Pittala, in many national, European and World Championship. It is one of the best interpretation of the famous Blue Team Club and, with minor adjustments, has been just  played by De Falco and Ferraro during the last successful European Championship. Thanks to Daniel J. Neill we already have an English version  of these System Notes.

Bridge God - An online service to the visitor to practice bridge hands and to register for bridge courses. Log-in is required and statistics are archived.


The Bridge On The Philately - Mr. Fabrizio Munaroni presents his collection of bridge-related postcards, bridge cards, and bridge-related stamps. This effort is unique for the bridge community, since Mr. Fabrizio Munaroni presents items from around the world. His collection includes bridge-related items and articles from around the globe from Antille 1977 to Yugoslavia 1963. In the words of the webmaster: All has represented postal official issued documents from all countries of the world, which concern the game of the Bridge: postage stamps, postal stationery and cancellations. The visitor also has the opportunity to sell bridge-related items or purchase from Mr. Fabrizio Munaroni items, which are listed for purchase.

Calendario vacanze del bridge - This website offers the visitor complete information about the listings for bridge vacations. The website also offers intermittent analysis of archived hands from games.Other features are concerning card play (tricks capturing), champions play, lead, beginner quiz, referee judgement, and links and to technical articles on other websites.

incontri di bridge - In Italian language only. This website offers the traveler and visitor to Italy an opportunity to discover the holiday and vacation locations of places, which afford the visitor the chance to play bridge. A fundamental understanding of the Italian language is not mandatory.

InfoBridge - Mr. Marco Troiani has created a website, which is only in Italian and based in Rome. There are special web pages for conventions, systems and glossaries in several European languages. Mr. Marco Troiani is a member of the Italian Bridge Play Federation (Federazione Italiana Bridge Ascolta), and an authorized bridge instructor and teacher of Italy. The website is extensive and the visitor can find very many bridge-related articles, some of which are proprietary.


neapolitan club - Online bridge magazine written in both the Italian and English languages. Founders of the online bridge magazine Neopolitan Club include Mr. Silvio Sbarigia, Laura Camponeschi, Mr. Paolo Enrico Garrisi, and others. The name of the magazine is derived from the bidding system Neapolitan Club, which is a strong club bidding system based on the concepts of Mr. Eugenio Chiaradia, born 1917 and died 1977, and whom everyone referred to respectfully as The Professor. The online magazine offers many different articles from international bridge players relating to table experiences, highlights of international play, and presentations of particular bidding sequences.


Bridge Institute 2000 - The private website for the La Scuola Bridge di Franco Di Stefano, located in Milano, Italy. Only in Italian.

BridgePoint Associazione Sportiva Bridgepoint - Bridge information for bridge players in Rome.

Comitato Regionale Bridge Calabro-Lucano - Regional Committee

Comitato Regional Emilia Romagna - Regional Committee

Comitato Regionale Lazio - Regional Committee

Comitato Regionale Liguria - Regional Committee

Comitato Regionale Lombardo - Regional Committee

Comitato Regionale Pugliese - Regional Committee

Comitato Regionale Bridge Piemonte - Regional Committee

Comitato Regionale Sicilia - Regional Committee

Comitato Regionale Toscano - Regional Committee

Comitato Regionale Veneto - Regional Committee

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Giovedì Bridge - A well designed website for the Italian bridge player, including pictures of several players and their email addresses. This Website also provides pertinent information and links for the individual bridge player.

Padova Bridge - Bridge information for bridge players in Padova.


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