Japan Contract Bridge League - Also in the English language. The Japan Contract Bridge League (JCBL) was founded in 1953 and incorporated in 1982 under the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture in order to promote and popularize the game of contract bridge in Japan.

Bridge Clubs in JCBL - This webpage presents a list of authorised bridge clubs affiliated with the Japan Contract Bridge League. Several of these bridge clubs have an Internet presence, but not all. If not, then there is an email address.

Bridge Studio - Only in Japanese.

Keiyo Bridge Center - Only in Japanese.

Kinshicho Bridge Center - Only in Japanese.

Kyoko Ohno - Created by Kyoko Ohno April 1998. This site offers both the Japanese and English languages.

Ofuna Bridge Center - Only in Japanese.

Osaka Bridge Center - Only in Japanese.

Takadanobaba Bridge Center - Only in Japanese.

Yokohama Bridge Center - Only in Japanese.

Yotsuya Bridge Center - Only in Japanese.


Kyoto University Bridge Club - This Website has been created by members of the Kyoto University. They have done a fine job and we should visit as often as possible. The Bridge Players in Kyoto have been so kind as to offer an English version as well as a Japanese version, so you should have no problem. Once you have stopped by, please leave a message to let them know that you were there.

NEC Bridge Festival - On this webpage, you will find the highlights of the 3rd NEC Bridge Festival organised by Japan Contract Bridge League (JCBL) featuring its main event, NEC Cup. NEC Bridge Festival is the only international bridge competition held in Japan. This Webpage also reports on the Ouchi Cup, the Foreign Ministar's Cup and the Asuka Cup.


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