Federatia Românã de Bridge - Bridge Federation of Romania
This is the official website for the Romanian Federation of Bridge. The Romanian Bridge Federation was established in 1990 and starting from January 1, 2002, it was reorganized under the Department (Ministry) of Physical Education and Sport.


Affiliated Bridge Clubs

Asociatia Bridge Club Bacau
Address: Str. Energiei nr.25, bl.E25, sc.C, et.4, ap.16,cod 5500, Bacau, jud. Bacau
Email: igavriliu2001@yahoo.com
Telephone: 0745 582 517

Asociatia Bridge Club Brasov
Email: bridge-club-brasov@as.ro
Address: str. Molidului nr. 9, bl. B14, sc. B, ap. 9, cod 2200, Brasov, jud. Brasov
Telephone: 0722 375 885

Asociatia Bridge Club Focsani
Email: marigen@fcc.ro
Telephone: 0723 537 903
Persoana de contact: Gigi Porumb
Address: Str. Anul Revolutionar 1848, bl. 5, ap.5 Cod 5300, Focsani, jud. Vrancea
Telephone: 0722 735 312

Asociatia Clubul de Bridge Deva
Email: sorinbabuta@hotmail.com
Address: Aleea Florilor, bl. 10, ap. 3, cod 2700, Deva, jud. Hunedoara
Telephone: 0744 150 042

Asociatia Clubul de Bridge Rapid Tempo Oradea
Email: hermannolivia@hotmail.com and proiect@dsoradea.ro
Address: Str. M. Eminescu nr. 31, cod 3700, Oradea, jud. Bihor
Telephone: 0259 / 231 744

Asociatia Sportiva Atomic Bridge Club Bucuresti
Email: dan.enescu@bridge-club.ro
Address: Aleea Calattis nr. 2, bl. D2, ap. 47, sector 6, Bucuresti.
Telephone: 0722 133 971 or 021/7786086

Asociatia Sportiva Bridge Club Storad Ploiesti
Email: baro@globtel.ro
Address: Str. Mihai Bravu F.N., cod 100403, Ploiesti, jud. Prahova
Telephone: 0722 249 020

Asociatia Sportiva Club Romanian Bridge Promotion Piatra Neamt
Email: izohart@decebal.ro
Address: Str. Viforului nr. 14, Piatra Neamt, jud. Neamt
Telephone: 0722 260 792 or 0233/223 639 - serviciu or 0233/222 670 - acasa

Asociatia Top - Bridge - Club Sportiv de Drept Privat Bucuresti
Email: dan_voinescu@yahoo.com
Address: Str. Aura Buzescu nr. 25, sector 2, Bucuresti
Telephone: 0723 537 133 - mobil; 021 / 643 04 81 - acasa
Fax: 021 / 659 31 21

Bridge Club Iasi
Email: gabinicolau2000@yahoo.com
Address: Splaiul Bahlui nr. 29, bl. B5, ap. 14, cod 6600, Iasi, jud. Iasi
Telephone: 0723 280 290 - mobil sau 0232 / 132 365 - acasa
Fax: 0232 / 272 810

Bridge Club Apullum - Located in the city of Alba Iulia, which is a city in Alba County, Transylvania, Romania, located on the Mureş River.

Bridge Club Locomotiva CFR Bucuresti

Clubul de Bridge al Feroviarilor din Romania Galati
Email: edmunte@yahoo.com
Address: Str. Regiment 11 Siret, bloc G1, apt. 110, cod 800302, Galati, jud. Galati

Clubul de Bridge VL-75 Ramnicu Valcea
Email: vl75bridge@home.ro
Address: GRUPUL SCOLAR FERDINAND I, Aleea Teilor nr. 1, cod 1000, Ramnicu Valcea, jud. Valcea
Telephone: 0745 034 743

Clubul Samtronic Constanta
Email: fdobrin@yahoo.com
Address: str. Stefan cel Mare nr. 125, bl. FA18, et. VIII, ap. 30, cod 8700, Constanta, jud. Constanta
Telephone: 0745 539 209 or 0241/619 523 - acasa

Clubul Sportiv Bridge Club Miercurea Ciuc
Email: cmarian@cchr.ro
Address: Str. M. Eminescu 4/15, cod 4100, Miercurea Ciuc, jud. Harghita
Telephone: 0744 867 629 or 0266/112 964 - acasa or 0266/171 252 sau 111 606 - serviciu
Fax: 0266/171 013

Clubul Sportiv Logos GPG Timisoara

Clubul Sportiv Municipal NITRAMONIA - ENA Fagaras
Email: nitramonia@nitramonia.ro
Address: Str. Teiului, bl. 64, sc. B, ap. 9, cod 2300, Fagaras, jud. Brasov
Telephone: 0721 275 862 - mobil; 0268 / 218 516-acasa
Fax: 0268 / 211 418

Clubul Sportiv Phoenix Oltenita
Email: aph@xnet.ro
Address: B-dul. Tineretului nr. 43, Oltenita, jud. Calarasi
Telephone: 0722 531 048 sau 0723 309 880 or 0242/515 593 - serviciu
Fax: 0245/515 271

Clubul Sportiv Samantha Satu Mare
Email: assamantha@hotmail.com
Address: P-ta. N. Titulescu nr. 18/A, cod 3900, Satu Mare, jud. Satu Mare
Telephone: 0261/714 102

Clubul Sportiv Total Sibiu
Email: xxcomxx@fastmail.fm
Address: Str. Ion Creanga nr. 13, Sibiu, jud. Sibiu
Telephone: 0722 303 137 or 0269/228 888 - serviciu or 0269/433 044 - acasa

Clubul Sportiv Universitar Politehnica Cluj Napoca
Email: zoltan.kovacs@mae.utcluj.ro
Address: Str. Scortarilor nr. 34, ap. 15, cod 3400, Cluj Napoca, jud. Cluj
Telephone: 0264/410183 - serviciu; 0264/444214 - acasa; 0742 055 227 - mobil

Clubul Sportiv Universitatea Craiova
Contact Mihai Stavrache - 0721327328

Romanian Bridge Portal
This website is only in the language of Romania.

Atomic Bridge Club
This website is only in the language of Romania.

Bridge-Club Iasi
This website is only in the language of Romania.

Bridge Club Brasov Blogspot
This is the blogspot for the bridge club based in the city of Braşov, Romania, which was stablished in 1972. This website is only in the language of Romania although there is an English translation feature.

Very Important Bridge Club - Also a blog spot.

A little History of Romania

Bucharest (Bucuresti in Romanian), the capital of Romania, lies half-way between the river Danube and the South Carpathians mountains, on the banks of the Dambovita. It is Romanias cultural and economic center, as well as its largest city.

Archaeological excavations have revealed evidence of prehistoric settlements, some over 150,000 years old. The first written appearance of the name Bucuresti dates from 1459, when it was recorded in a document of Vlad III the Impaler, the ruler of Walachia. Vlad III built the fortress of Bucharest, the first of many fortifications, with the aim of holding back the Turks who were threatening the existence of the Walachian state.

By the end of the 16th century, Bucharest was South-Eastern Europes largest christian city. In 1640, a traveller remarked that the population of the city exceed 100,000. Under the Ottoman suzerainty that was eventually established, Bucharest developed rapidly as the main economic centre of Walachia, becoming the capital in 1659. The names of some streets, Ulita Blanarilor (Furriers Lane), Ulita Selarilor (Saddlemakers Lane), Ulita Sepcarilor (Capmakers Lane), testify to the emergence of guild organizations, and, during the reign (1688-1714) of Prince Constantin Brancoveanu (Brancoveanu), large, broad thoroughfares were built.

By the 18th century, government was no longer in the hands of native princes but was controlled instead by Phanariotes (i.e., Greeks originating in the Phanar district of Constantinople). In 1821 a popular uprising, led by the Walachian national hero Tudor Vladimirescu, ended Phanariote rule. Again, in 1859, civic unrest played a part in forcing the union of Walachia and Moldavia, followed in 1862 by the proclamation of Bucharest as the capital of the Romanian state. These events, coupled with a land reform in 1864 and the final achievement of national independence in the war of 1877-1878, gave a strong impetus to the economic development of both the nation and its capital city.



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