Note: The Bridge Guys apologize in advance that we are unable to reproduce the letters of the alphabet of the country and therefore are unable to present the correct presentation of the names. We ask for your understanding.



As mature fans of the game of tennis we would like to honor one of the top athletes of the country of Serbia on this web page. Mr. Novak Djokovic has won three Grand Slam singles titles, the 2008 and 2011 Australian Open championships and the 2011 Wimbledon Championships, becoming the first player representing trhe country of Serbia to win a Grand Slam singles title and the youngest player in the open era to have reached the semi-finals of all four Grand Slam events, separately and consecutively. Photography courtesy of Celebrity Fan Page.



Bridge Association of Serbia - Everything is in the language of Serbia. The website contains all pertinent information for the bridge player in Serbia.

Note: Link via the World Bridge Federation: Serbia.

Note: The visitor can find a list of bridge clubs located in Serbia by clicking on the link in the main menu: Klubovi.

The following bridge clubs (B.K.) are located in Belgrade: Beogradski Bridz Savez

Bridz Klub "AS"
Beograd, Milana Rakića 5

Beogradski Takmičarski Bridž Klub

Bridz Klub "Centar"
Beograd, Ilije Garašanina 26

Bridz Klub "Crvena Zvezda"

Bridz Klub "Da Silva"
Beograd, Knjeginje Zorke 26

Bridz Klub "Dummy"
Beograd, Makedonska 17/II

Bridz Klub "Voždovac"
Beograd, Ustanicka 5

Bridz Klub "Zemun"
Zemun, Široka


The following bridge clubs (B.K.) are located in central Serbia: Bridz Savez Centralne Srbije

Bridz Klub "2 TREFA" - website
Jagodina ul. Lole Ribara 1/1

Bridz Klub "Čačak"
Čačak, Bate Jankovića 52

Bridz Klub "Kraljevo"
Kraljevo, Ibar Bašta

Bridz Klub "Maks - As"
Kruševac, Luke Ivanovića bb

"Niški Bridž Klub"
Niš, Vojvode Tankosića

Bridz Klub "Đorđe Dunjić "
Vrnjačka banja, Cara Dusana 28


The following bridge clubs (B.K.) are listed under: Bridz Savez Vojvodine

Bridz Klub "BNS"
Banatsko novo selo, M.Tita 67

Bridz Klub Kikinda - In Polish language only. The city of Kikinda is a town and also a municipality located in Serbia, in the autonomous province of Vojvodina. It is the administrative center of the North Banat District.

Bridž Klub - - In Polish language only.

Bridge Club "Sombor"
Sombor, Staparski Put s-12/2


Balkan Bridge - Presented in Serbian and English. This website in Novi Sad, Servia, presents bridge championships such as the Balkan Championships, the Cup of Serbia - Rade Antic, an Additional Butler, and the Novi Sad Trophy.

Balkan Bridge Association - Created in the year 2009. Balkan means the part of Europe, including 11 counties: Albania, Bosnia and Hertzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYROM, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania and Turkey which are regarded as being part of Balkan region and for geographical or other reasons are designated as being under the influence of the Balkan Bridge Association and by consequence, under the influence of the European Bridge Association.


Bridž Srbija - Bridge Serbia - Created by Mr. Marko Gligorijević in 2011. This website is indended for providing educational tools for the players of the game of bridge and also for entertainment purposes. The goal is to provide a source of information for players on the beginner's and intermediate levels.

Statutes of the Balkan Bridge Association - This information is in a .pdf file format and will be automatically opened by your browser. Admission to membership of the Association is determined by the Executive Committee subject to ratification by the next following General Assembly. Only one Bridge Federation per European country is recognized by the Association. Each National Bridge Organization wishing to affiliate with the BBA must undertake, in writing, to respect the Statutes, Regulations and Rules of the BBA. In case of competing applications between two or more Federations of the same country, only the application of the Federation recognized by the Governmental Authority or the BBA will be accepted.


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