Türkiye Briç Federasyonu - Turkish Bridge Federation. Generally all information is in the language of Turkey and no web pages are available to the English-reading visitor.


Ankerium Bric - This well-designed website offers information to the bridge player only in the languange of Turkey. The website offers information, mainly in .pdf file format, on many conventional methods and also layouts of several bidding systems, among other the Two-Over-One bidding system.

Akademi Briç Organizasyon

ANADOLU BRYÇ SPOR KULÜBÜ DERNEGI - This bridge club is located in Istanbul and is managed by Tuba Kiran Zafer.

Bodrum Bridge Club - In English. The Bodrum bridge club was founded in the year 1994.

Yalikavak Bridge Club - In English. A bridge club also located in Bodrum, which offers bridge tournaments for its members.


Bridge 7 - Both in English and Turk. Mr. Yalcin Pekiner has created a Website for bridge players and invites all fellow bridge players to visit his Website. The site is divided up into sections: bidding, playing, opening bids, first responses, overcalls, conventions and basic principles. There is also a section for practicing bridge hands through evaluation methods, which is excellently designed. Bridge7 is designed to encourage international bridge friendship. The bridge methods of this Web site will help you to learn or improve your bridge by numerous exercises, tests and free software. This is a Must See Website.

Mr. Yalcin Pekiner has also initiated The International Bridge Cyberfair. The purpose of The International Bridge Cyberfair is for schools, clubs, federations, teachers, individuals to use the Internet to share resources, establish partnerships and build relationships with global citizens to accomplish a global bridge village. Click on the Bridge 7 Membership Logo and the picture of Mr. Yalcin Pekiner for additional information.


ETHbridge - This website is in the English language and is operated by NetDo Interactive Services, Inc., in Izmir, Turkey. This site requests the visitor to sign in or register in order to use the services offered, which include Bidding Systems, Coaching, and Bulletins containing pertinent information.

EthBridge - Evde Ögren - Created by Mr. Ethem Urkaç and presented only in the Turkish language. This addition to ETHbridge offers Training for On-Line Bridge Practice for the participating bridge player. The site offers online bridge lessons to the learning bridge player, who wishes to improve his knowledge of the game. The online coach Mr. Ethem Urkaç, who is an Accredited Bridge Teacher and Certified Director of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL), assists personally the participating bridge player.

Joefizik Briç Spor Lulübü - Located in Ankara, Turkey. Also on FaceBook.

Profesyonel Briç - Operated by Mr. Yazar Hakkinda this bridge club is located in Ankara, Turkey. The website offers important and pertinent information for the bridge player in Turkey, carries information about the various bridge tournaments in the country and beyond the borders, and offers the bridge player many bridge books translated into the Turkish language.

Hosgorü Briç Kulübü - Hosgoru Bridge Club

Ankara Contrat


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