After discovering that there is so much information regarding the Game and Sport of Bridge, we have decided to add a second Home Page. Our Main Home Page was becoming too large, and our visitors rightly suggested creating a second Home Page, in order that the First Home Page would load quicker.

On this second Home Page the visitor will discover the information we have collected for his/her enjoyment. These include links to Finding a Bridge Club, the American Bridge Association, Junior Bridge, Bridge Cell Phone Apps, Bridge Blogs, Bridge Olympics, etc.

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We continue to improve our appearance, our presentation methods, and add new information with the new technology, that allows us to present bridge-related information on this site in a universal format. This new format can also be displayed without difficulty on all peripheral devices, which can access the Internet. We are also adding Google Translate to every web page.

Our efforts are also the result of the suggestions, recommendations, and advice from our readers, visitors, and fellow bridge players over the past years. This continues to be the case and we appreciate greatly all the contributions made to this site. We also appreciate greatly the active participation, the assistance, advice, and very much the support of our readers.

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Our endeavor is to do our best to bring information about this most fascinating game of bridge closer to you, our visitor and fellow bridge player. We thank you for your support and hope that you continue to visit us in the future.

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About Us - The Bridge Guys - Anyone and everyone can join in the fun of playing the game, the sport of bridge, because we come together to play the game of bridge with any and all of the usual and unusual bridge conventions. Bridge is a game after all, and everyone should enjoy their time at the bridge club and at the bridge table.

Anything is possible with a little bit of tolerance. And we like to make things possible. We are a group of guys, gals, gents, and girls, who enjoy the game, who attempt to learn. We apply the old, the odd, the ordinary, the unusual and unexpected, and the new bridge conventions, We get together for an evening of fun and games. We laugh, have fun, bid and play the hands, but we definitely also take the time to truly chat and socialize with each other.


Personal Note from the Bridge Guys
It was with trepidation that we approached the Game of Bridge.
We knew nothing, we understood nothing. We had no knowledge.
However, it was Phyllis Calisch, our teacher, who took this nothing
and molded it into an understanding of the game and its strategies.

It is to her that we dedicate this web page and this website,
and it is our way of saying thanks to a wonderful woman,
who gave so much, enjoyed so much, and survived so much.


There are many sites on the Internet which can help the player learn more about the game of bridge, the basics of bridge and treatments and conventions. Instead of listing them all here on this page, we have provided a links button above for you to click on, if you would like to visit them. Take a moment of your time and take a look. These sites will be updated as time passes, so check back often.

If you find this bridge site interesting and informative, please drop us a note. If you do not find this site interesting and informative, we would still like to hear from you. Maybe we can do something to liven this site up, make it peppy, spicy, put in some bells and whistles. Please give us your suggestions and recommendations and comments. By clicking on the E-mail icon above, you can send us a message.