Wolfgang von Goethe




A Bridge Player's Lament

Written by Roberta Salob

Source: Bridge Holidays, LLC., Newsletter

Picture shows Roberta and Arnold Salob


Roberta and Arnold Salob



My tattered bridge notes are simply a disgrace.
My partner trumped my only Ace.

The slam I bid without a care,
Never even had a prayer.

My partner went into a 10-minute huddle,
And then she passed my Takeout Double.

I made a high-low loud and clear,
But only one, the declarer, seemed to care.

Se tell me why my finesses never work,
And bad trump breaks always lurk?

And why, oh why, when they play their Ace,
Does my King fall down right on its face?

Bridge couldn't be for me, I've often felt,
Especially when I have to ask: Who dealt ?

But twice a week now, I'm playing this game,
Dinner's not ready 'cause I'm seeking my fame.

Sometimes I play smart, often real dumb,
Real happiness is calling yourself a Bridge Bum !