A Happy Volunteer

Author: Irving Goldstein

Source: Building the Baycrest Bridge Club

Lionel in the poem is Mr. Lionel Axler

I refer to a gentleman whose name is Lionel
Full of life and frisky, like he won a golf final.

At seventy-five he decided to retire
But he still felt he had a lot of fire.

He played bridge brilliantly for many years
To do nothing would mean drinking lots of beers.

Having time on his hands and nothing to fear
He decided to go to Baycrest to volunteer.

He gathered residents and made a group of four
Each one of them played bridge long before.

They sit and ponder what suit to bid
When the bidder makes the contract they feel like a kid.

To make people happy is Lionel’s present goal
And he delights in doing it with heart and soul.

He wants learners to reach a higher ridge
That’s Lionel’s desire for the game of bridge.

As an affable man, Lionel is hard to beat
As fine a man you would ever want to meet.