Bridge in a Nutshell

Written by: Unknown

Contributed by: Ginny and Jeff Schuett

With 13 Or More Points I’m Required To Speak,
And Mention A Suit That Is Not Very Weak.

With 5 Cards Or Longer, I Need Not Be Cute,
I Merely Will Open With One Of That Suit.

But With A Four Card Major, Ahh - That’s The Rub,
I Know I Must Open, So I’ll Just Say One Club.
(Or One Diamond ..)

With 15 - 17, One No-Trump Will Do,
And With 20 Or More, I’ll Open With Two.

When The Opponents Have Opened, My Back Is To The Wall,
I Have Good Points And Length (5), So I Must Overcall.

My Partner Has Opened, And I’m In A Fix,
Because I Must Pass With Less Points Than Six,

But If My Count Is Six Points to Ten,
I Must Respond Once, But Not Necessarily Again.

Now 11 - 12 Points Is Pretty Nice,
I Will Plan To Respond, Not Once, But Twice.

With 13 Or More Points, I Would Be To Blame,
If I Let the Bid End Before We Reach Game.

With Less Than 13 And 6 In A Suit,
I Bid A Weak 2 Or Else Get The Boot.

My Partner Will Not Think Or Reply,
Unless There’s 16 Points, Then A Game We Shall Try.

Alas, With 22 or More Points In My Hand,
I Must Open 2 Clubs And That Is A Demand.

With Less Than 7 Points, 2 Diamond’s I’ll Say,
We’ll Just Find Our Suit and Bid Game Today.

Although With 8 Or More Points, It Is Time To Think,
Once There’s A Fit, A Slam’s On The Brink.