60th Bridge Song

Contributed by: Mr. Charles Gill, the Birthday Bridge Player

Member of: The St. Petersburg Bridge Club in Florida

Written and composed by: Mr. Alfred Paul-Elias



Charles, you’ve just had a birthday
And today, we celebrate
And at the ripe age of sixty
You are, indeed, looking great.
No matter where you’re sitting
North, south, east or west
I’m sure all would agree
You truly play with finesse.

Now Carol is your partner
Of course, in more ways than one
And when your bidding is on
She really is having fun
But sometimes, you must admit
Your bid can be a surprise
You may get a cool look
From her loving blue eyes.

You really are a master
At getting us all in the game
If someone needs a partner
You always come up with a name
Your emails are amazing
Quite witty, informative too
And thanks to all your planning
We always have something to do.

Now Joan, our able director
I’m sure she will attest
That thanks to Charlie Gill
This club is at its best
Our numbers are quite healthy
Some playing almost every day
With card sharks partaking
From all over Tampa Bay.

Does Charles follow Jacoby?
Goren, or Audrey Grant?
I’ve tried to figure it out
But honestly, I can’t
It really doesn’t matter
Who cares, it’s only a game
I’m sure everyone here
Feels exactly the same.

And let us all remember
We’re here to have a good time
To share some fun with friends
Some bridge, some food, some rhyme
Since charity’s the winner
That makes us winners, too
‘Cause Charles, our able leader
Always knows what to do.

I’m sure we’d all agree
Bridge is one great game
We may play a thousand hands
But none is ever the same.
And we can say of Charles
He is one of a kind
A more capable leader
This club will never find.

So, break out the bidding boxes
Shuffle the cards really well
And try to keep up the pace
To finish before the bell
And whether you win or lose
Let’s try to have a good time
And celebrate with Charlie
Who’s just reaching his prime.

So let us raise our glasses
It’s time to celebrate
Charles’s sixtieth birthday
On this special date
For he’s a jolly good fellow
Which nobody can deny
Or as we say “up north”
He is one hell of a guy.

       Alfred Paul-Elias