Clubs Diamonds Bridgeaholic Hearts Spades
    Author: © Lorna Gray 2000    




Whilst I analyze which cards to state,
My partner sits content to wait
For an opening bid not made in haste,
Must count again, no points to waste.

Careful thinking, forward planning,
Respectful silence, understanding,
Count my losers - count my winners,
Should I be home cooking dinners?

I call two Hearts to break the ice,
Partner with twenty points would be nice,
East calls two Spades my shoulders sag,
Then partner smiles, it's in the bag.

A chance to play about to be seized,
I know that look; I know she's pleased.
Four hearts she calls, I sit up straighter,
West calls four Spades; I try not to hate her.


To defeat West's contract is now my aim.
I'll do my best to compete in the game,
Will ponder and carefully plan my defense,
And dream of four Hearts some time hence.