Wolfgang von Goethe





Author: Gertrude Lewis Conway ..... aka Gertie

aka: Mrs. Gertrude Conway Vanderbilt, the Father of Contract Bridge
Born May 14, 1901 and died August 6, 1978

Date of poem: Before their marriage.




There's the baron and Schenken and Os Jaco-bee,
And they talk about bridge hands from breakfast to tea.

Then they play the darn game 'til a quarter past three;
They've purloined my boy friend from me.

There's the Vanderbilt club and the Culbertson two;
There's the one over one and the Sims' ballyhoo.

I've studied them all 'til my brain's in a stew;
They've purloined my boy friend from me.

Whatever I bid, it's too strong or too light;
I can tell by his stench face I never am right.

And it usually ends in a marital fight;
It's a hell of a game for a wife!




Note: The poem was published in the magazine Sports Illustrated
and appeared in the Volume 5, Issue 9, of November 5, 1956.

The author of the article House Of Cards was Mr. George Plimpton.

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