Of Cavendish And Kings

Written by Barry Breakey

Source: Table Talk, the Official Publication of the Michigan Bridge Association
(May 1965 and January 1999)

Internet: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~bbowman/bridge/cavkings.html

Archived on this site.

"The time has come," my partner said,
"To talk of many things:
About the 'fix', and overtricks,
Of Cavendish and Kings.
And why it's right to balance light,
and what a double brings."

"Of how to play the Stayman;
Of notrumps, strong and weak;
Of Terrence Reese, and double squeeze,
And how to bid a freak.
Of when to guess, or to finesse
(Or better yet, to peek.)"

"I hope that you'll digest a bit
Of what I've had to say.
But it prob'ly doesn't matter much
The way you bid or play.
I'll win once more, as I've won before.
The trophy's ours today."

"Yes, I figure we're the favorites,
The reason's plain to see.
Although there's few as bad as you,
There's none as good as me!"