Wolfgang von Goethe



En Gårdsgutt


En gårdsgutt som kom i fra Valen

Dro hjem med den store pokalen

Han meldt' som en gris

Men var ekspert på skvis

- Og vant jaggu hele finalen.






Source is from the Norsk Bridgefestival in Lillehammer, 2005, Bulletin 4, mandag 1. august 2005.

The requirements of the entries had to follow the following guidelines for the Limerick, also translated by Google:

Første linje presenterer personen og hvor han/hun er fra. Siste linje skal inneholde et poeng, gjerne overraskende. Nå̊r det gjelder rytmen på limericken skal første, andre og femte linje ha like mange stavelser og rime på̊ hverandre, tredje og fjerde linje skal også̊ rime på̊ hverandre – men ha minst en stavelse mindre enn linjene 1, 2 og 5.

The first line presents the person and where he/she is from. The last line should contain a score, perhaps surprising the reader. When it comes to the rhythm on Limericks, the first, second and fifth lines may have understandable spelling and may be contracted. The third and fourth lines can also be written in similar fashion - but must have at least one syllable less than lines 1, 2 and 5.


The city of Valen is a populated place in Hordaland, which is a region of Norway.

The best Google translation follows, which attempts to keep the feature of the ryhme.

Note: Apologies if the non-English letters are not presented correctly on the employed browser.


A Farm Boy

A farm boy who came in from Valen

Went home with the great pokalen.

He reported 'like a pig'

But the expert on skvis (?)

- And won jaggu (?) throughout the final.