The Enigmatic Queen

Composed and Contributed by: Sridharan Kidambi

Written: May 21, 2005


The Bridge player knows how hard it is to locate the Odd Queen. It is harder than locating an odd King! Many games and slams are lost because of the failure to locate the ‘Queen-in-hiding’. One day I watched a declarer lose a slam and the enigmatic Queen was the cause of his misery. The result of my reflections on the incident is the little poem below.

In a pack of 52 cards, there are four Kings to report,

Three of them have smashing moustaches to sport,

The lone King with a clean-shaven and beaming face,

Was picked by all the four Queens in a romantic race!

“We propose”, cried the Queens in one sweet voice,

“Tarry”, said the odd King, “Please give me a choice”,

Unlike the 8th Henry, he chose one with much poise,

And the Queens, except for one, left with little noise!

The three sad Queens roamed about the jungle of 52,

And beheld some Knaves, but there were only two,

Who were clean-shaven, and cute without doubt,

The Knaves picked a Queen each, but one was left out!

The odd Queen felt awfully sad, but was not sullen,

She swore that she, for ever will play the elusive villain,

All Bridge players know how a game could be lost,

For want of that odd Queen, who hides to the last!

But one Sunday, a Bridger saw a solitary Queen,

In the garden amidst roses, counting three and thirteen,

He asked her, “Are you the odd Queen, please tell”,

She turned her face away to her left, as if not well.

NB: The King of Hearts, The Jack of Diamonds, and The Jack of Clubs have no moustaches. The Queen of Spades turns her face to the left.