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En mesterlig spiller fra Moss

Author: fra anonym ex-president



En mesterlig spiller fra Moss

Tok bilen og kasta helt loss

- dessverre sto purken

- og bøtela skurken

til glede for Per Kristian Foss.







The city of Moss, Norway, and the harbour area in an arial view.



Source is from the Norsk Bridgefestival in Lillehammer, 2005, Bulletin 5, tirsday 2. august 2005.

The requirements of the entries had to follow the following guidelines for the Limerick, also translated by Google:

Første linje presenterer personen og hvor han/hun er fra. Siste linje skal inneholde et poeng, gjerne overraskende. Når det gjelder rytmen på limericken skal første, andre og femte linje ha like mange stavelser og rime på hverandre, tredje og fjerde linje skal også rime på hverandre – men ha minst en stavelse mindre enn linjene 1, 2 og 5.

The first line presents the person and where he/she is from. The last line should contain a score, perhaps surprising the reader. When it comes to the rhythm on Limericks, the first, second and fifth lines may have understandable spelling and may be contracted. The third and fourth lines can also be written in similar fashion - but must have at least one syllable less than lines 1, 2 and 5.

Note: Apologies if the non-English letters are not presented correctly on the employed browser.



The city of Moss was established as a municipality 1 January 1838.. The rural municipality of Jeløy was merged with the city 1 July 1943. Its administrative district covers areas east of the town, such as the island of Dillingøy in the lake Vansjø. Parts of the town are located on the peninsula Jeløy. The first literary reference to the name Mos(s) is from 1390, and by then the town had become a commercial center with craftsmen and mills. By 1700, Moss had become a hub for both ship and land traffic between Copenhagen and Christiania, and in 1720 it received its charter as a merchant town, with its own official.

The best Google translation follows, which attempts to keep the feature of the ryhme. However, in this limerick the rhyme is not possible in the English translation: fester, mester, semester ... parties, champion (master), semester.


A Master Player from Moss

A master player from Moss

Took the car, which is now a complete loss.

- Unfortunately he faced the cops.

- and a criminal fine.

For the benefit of Per Kristian Foss.


Note: Per-Kristian Foss, born July 19, 1950 in Oslo, is a Norwegian politician for the Conservative Party. He was elected to the Norwegian Parliament from Oslo in 1981, and was re-elected on six occasions. He had previously served as a deputy representative during the term 1977–1981.

From 2001 to 2005, when the second cabinet Bondevik held office, Per-Kristian Foss was Minister of Finance. He also acted as Prime Minister very briefly in 2002. During this period his seat in parliament was taken by Ine Marie Eriksen.

Per-Kristian Foss has received much attention for being the first openly gay minister in a Norwegian government and lives in registered partnership with Jan Erik Knarbakk. As reported in the national media as of January 25, 2002, Per-Kristian Foss, 52, a long-time parliamentarian for the Conservative Party, made headlines around the world when he registered his marriage to Jan Erik Knarbakk, a director of Norwegian media group Schibsted ASA.

Note: The poem, or limerick, printed on this page may have a domestic significance, which escapes or is not known to the visitor and the presentors.

On the local level Per-Kristian Foss was a deputy member of Oslo city council from 1971 to 1975. From 1973 to 1977 he was the leader of the Young Conservatives (Unge Høyre), the youth wing of the Conservative Party. Though it was long expected that Per-Kristian Foss would take over the chairmanship of the Conservative Party after Jan Petersen, the sudden ascendancy of Erna Solberg prevented this from happening. At present Per-Kristian Foss is deputy chairman of the Conservative Party and member of the party's central board.