The Life Of An Old Woman

Author: Written By Herself

Source: The Sporting Magazine of Monthly Calendar
of the Transactions of The Turf, The Chase, And every other Diversion
Interesting to the Man of Pleasure Enterprize & Spirit
Volume 41, Page 242

Date of Issue: October 1812

Note: the reference to the French is to Napoleon Bonaparte

A Game of Whist is my delight;

This I could play from morn to night;

But 'tween this wicked world and heav'n,

To keep the dish a little even,

I read my chapters, sya my praygers,

And regulate my charch affaits.

I ne'er forget, as I'm a sinner,

To talk with cook about my dinner,

And take my glass a little hearty,

To cheer me for the evening party.

Meantime myself for to amuse

I tell my maid to bring the News:

Am glad to hear fht French are beat,

And are cut up in their retreat.

But this to me no pleasure brings,

Like to the History of Four Kings.

With Love I've nothing now to do,

Yet love, when trumps, a heart or two:

Thus I drag on from day to day,

And thoughts of dying put away,

The Vicar seem'd to me hum-drum

In his broad hit of "Kingdom Come."

To be pack'd off I can't agree -

Old England's good enough for me.