Nancy Noonan Achieves Life Master

Written by: Linda Maccleave

Nancy Noonan’s Life Master party was held at the Bridge Center on February 16, 2006. Unfortunately, I came without a camera, but all the tables were filled, and everyone had a great time. In honor of the occasion, I wrote a poem for Nancy.

I first met Nancy Noonan in 2001
When she came for bridge lessons with Bob Robinson.
She took to the game like a bear to honey.
You see, she had practiced math with other people’s money.

She once said to me in slight consternation
That her non-bridge playing friends didn’t get this fascination

With the game that required such partnership cooperation
And yet such extreme individual concentration
How could something that intense bring on such excitation?
And what do you get for this? Peer validation?

And winning the game in such anticipation
For collecting masterpoints, whose sole valuation
Is saying you have them, and those points bring elation
And requires your life take on a new dedication?

Nancy answered that although it was hard to explain,
Earning points at this game was not the real gain.
And although this game may seem a mere frolic,
Gathering masterpoints for winning is simply symbolic.

Indeed, it’s hard for a nonbridge player to understand
The excitement of picking up another challenging hand.

So Nancy kept competing for the masterpoints to attain
Her life master status; that she was determined to gain.
She was fearless and didn’t let anyone hinder
Her climb to her goal, she even played with Abe Linder.

And then in a move that may have seemed zealous,
She started playing with the humble Harry Gellis.
So Nancy has reached the 300 plateau,
And she’s already learned what we’ve all come to know.

Reaching goals in bridge and life is wonderful, no doubt,
But the pursuit of a goal is what it’s all about.