For Percy - An Appreciation


Written by: Edgar Kaplan

Percy X. Bean, 1916-1992, represented District 19 on the Board of Directors from 1964 until 1988 and served as president of the ACBL Charity Foundation from 1974 until 1981. He was a member of the National Goodwill Committee and the National Board of Governors and general chairman of arrangements for the World Team Olympiad in Seattle in 1984.

Percy X. Bean and his wife Anne were named ACBL Honorary Members for 1992, the first time that honor was bestowed on a husband-wife combination. Percy X. Bean was the editor of Mad, Mad World of Bridge, a publication that strongly championed players of less than expert class.

In the Summer North American Bridge Championships - Bulletin 9 - it is written that Edgar Kaplan penned the following salut to his friend, co-editor, and co-publisher, all in fun and rhyme.


A filthy declarer is Bean.

His judgment in bidding's obscene.

Of Kumquats named Sadie,

And little old ladies,

His defense is ferocious and keen.