Written by: Robbie Rouch

Source: Contract Bridge Forum
Volume 80, Issue 12, December 2005, Page 12

Over the table and through LHO
A finesse in hopes to win.
If that is the play
To carry the day,
I'll witness partner's grin.

But over to dummy and through RHO
On opponent's bid I pin
The contract's success
That his partner's got less,
Post mortem ripe to spin.

Over my Jack through play of his Queen
The setting trick is cashed
Our result is low
Partner lets me know
All chance for first is trashed.

Over my protests and through his rant
My judgment highly suspect
For bids I've made
And cards not played
Systems I've failed to select.

Over his ardor and through the room
Director cries resound
Yellow cards are waved
Zero tolerance craved
The next board is quickly found.

Over a lifetime through highs and lows
Bridge lures us back for more
True friendships are made
Despite passions displayed
Which far outweigh every score.