The Grand Dame of Bridge

Written by Judy Kay-Wolff




There is a great gal from Atlanta
More beloved in Georgia than Santa
She’s won Open and Mixed
With whomever she’s picked
Hail to this Southern Enchanter

Her master point record’s impressive
Though her bidding is slightly aggressive
She’s got gold points galore
That she’s won by the score
In fact they are really excessive!

Now Georgia has done herself proud
Native sons have emerged from the crowd
There’s Jimmy, Miss Lillie
And dear Brother Billy ..
Though his name has been under a cloud

This tribute is long overdue
For performances equaled by few
She’s made OUR Hall of Fame
MAGGIE WAGAR’s her name
Right next to that fella — TY WHO? (*)

-- Judy and Norman Kay





Judy Kay-Wolff's introduction to the poem:

The 1982 Atlanta Labor Day Regional Committee had planned a special evening in honor of Margaret Wagar, referred to by her contemporaries as “The Pride of the South.” A portion of the invitation read ……

“There will be a cocktail reception and dinner followed by a celebrity roast featuring Lou Bluhm, Dr. John Fisher, Richard Freeman, Emma Jean Hawes, Jerry Machlin, Dr.George Rosenkranz, Carol and Tom Sanders, and others.”

(*) Frequently when Norman played in Atlanta with Margaret, he wondered who the silent, attentive kibitzer was at Margaret’s side - hanging on every bid and play - but never uttering a word. You guessed it - THE GEORGIA PEACH HIMSELF - the great TY COBB.

Note to those, to whom the name Ty Cobb is unknown: Tyrus Raymond "Ty" Cobb (December 18, 1886 – July 17, 1961), nicknamed "The Georgia Peach," was a baseball player and is regarded by historians and journalists as the best player of the dead-ball era and as one of the greatest players of all time. Ty Cobb also received the most votes of any player on the 1936 inaugural Hall of Fame Ballot, receiving 222 out of a possible 226 votes.


Judy Kay-Wolff, a Diamond Life Master, is no stranger to the tournament scene and has the distinction of being married to two Hall of Famers. She was wed to the late international star, Norman Kay, for nearly forty years and is presently married to eleven-time world Champion, former Dallas Ace, Bobby Wolff. A Philadelphian by birth, Judy who now resides in Las Vegas, has enjoyed many phases of our game spanning five decades - player, administrator, charity game organizer and amateur musical bridge show writer and director. Source.