Tribute to a Lone Star Legend

Written by Judy Kay-Wolff

Source: Planet Bridge - bridge blogs from the planet



Hear Ye !! Hear Ye !! - Bobby Nail

The subject of - some more fan mail

Can think of no one – in the hobby

More deserving – than our Bobby

Kind and modest – ever able

Delightful, gracious – at the table

Witty, charming, warm and caring

Funny stories – always sharing

Loved by partners – foes as well

Never heard him – scream or yell

The worst thing said – of Bobby Nail

His feats produced – a bloody trail

Opponents slain – they’re left to die-eth

Just like Samson – and Goliath!!





Judy Kay-Wolff's introduction to the poem:

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Little Bobby Nail (who hovered a bit below the five-foot mark) was one of the most beloved giants of our game. He was respected not only for his bridge prowess - but for his magnetic personality and adorable manner as well!


Judy Kay-Wolff, a Diamond Life Master, is no stranger to the tournament scene and has the distinction of being married to two Hall of Famers. She was wed to the late international star, Norman Kay, for nearly forty years and is presently married to eleven-time world Champion, former Dallas Ace, Bobby Wolff. A Philadelphian by birth, Judy who now resides in Las Vegas, has enjoyed many phases of our game spanning five decades - player, administrator, charity game organizer and amateur musical bridge show writer and director. Source.