Ye Royall Recepcioun

Author: From Chaucer Redivivus

Source: The Whist Reference Book Wherein Information is Presented Concerning the Noble Game, in all its Aspects, after the manner of a Cyclopedia, Dictionary, and Digest all combined in one, 1899, Publisher: The J.C. Yorston Publishing Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, LC: 99001799

Date of Issue: 1899

Note: Reproduced from the original picture by Max field Parrish,
designed expressly for this work. (Note: the print was 'Printed in Colors'.)

Ye King and Quene with plesaunce looke

Uppon ye grete Whiste Ref'rence Booke.

"Now, wyffe," quoth he, "let all ye playeres

We meet in bataile sya their prayeres !"

Whereat ye solemn Knaves bowe low;

And quoth ye Quene, "Aye, truly so !"