The age of digital devices, which represents a huge advancement over analog devices, allows the user to employ technology in promoting the game of bridge on a global scale. Online social networking groups have provided access to global communications, which were previously unknown and to a certain degree feared.

Such social networking groups have broken the communication barriers, which allowed the user to converse with only an individual at a time. Following further progress and advancements in the digital world the user had the opportunity to communicate with groups, certain interested persons, with collective units sharing a common foundation or interest, and also for learning, teaching, instructing.

Bringing the game, the sport of bridge to the digitial world, cyberspace, the interest has grown to combine the two media for the enhancement of this particular card game. Individuals, bridge clubs, sponsoring organizations have all joined the digital world owing to the number of possible future players, who may in this manner, become sufficiently interested in playing more often.

Note: The attempt is to list many of these individuals and groups, who have uploaded instructional videos, provided videos online, and share their videos with other interested viewers. This list will never be complete, and we hope for the assistance of the visitors to send information about other videos not listed here.

Note: The attempt is also made to list these videos in alphabetical order.

Note: Whenever the videos are from a certain individual or group, which is also represented online, then the link to this website is presented along with the picture or icon.



















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