Atlanta Junior Bridge
This is a non-profit organization founded in the year 2006 and formed to bring the game of bridge to the attention of the youth of Atlanta, Georgia, United States, and also elsewhere. Funded by private and corporate donations, Atlanta Junior Bridge supplies teachers and materials to organizations which would like to offer children and young adults the opportunity to learn and play bridge.

Note: Patty Tucker, President of Atlanta Junior Bridge, has been elected to the Georgia Bridge Hall of Fame and has also been selected as the ACBL Goodwill Member of the Year for 2011.

Note: The next Junior Tournament will be conducted in Greenville, South Carolina, United States, beginning June 11, 2011. A flyer is also available on the website and is also presented here for your convenience in .pdf file format.

Bridge is being taught in many schools, public and private, as well as local bridge clubs, churches and youth centers. Atlanta Junior Bridge is in the process of organizing inter-school and intra-city competitions to foster the growth and development of youth teams who will eventually compete in national and international contests.

Patty Tucker, who is the President of Atlanta Junior Bridge, has published A Whole New Deal, in .pdf file format, which concerns itself with the emerging revolution and campaigns of teaching children, school kids, and juniors, and which encourages bridge players, bridge teachers, ACBL members to support such activities and contribute their time and efforts by informingU the bridge community of the already successful and available programs.

Note: Patter Tucker has also written an online article (downloadable.doc format) about the benefits, which the game of bridge brings to the life of younger players. This information has only been preserved and archived on this site in .pdf file format for future reference.

Requirements to qualify as a Junior Member of the American Contract Bridge League and the Canadian Bridge Federation

1. The member must be a Junior ACBL member (under age 26).
2. The member must provide the ACBL Education Department with:
  a. The name of the college where you want your scholarship sent.
  b. Proper department at the college where your scholarship should be sent.
  c. Mailing address of the college to which you want your scholarship paid.
  d. Your student ID number at the college to which you want your scholarship paid.

Requirements to qualify as a Junior Member of the World Bridge Federation

1. At the 4th World Bridge Federation's Executive Committee meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil, it was resolved that for the Damiani Cup (Youngsters Championship), a player must not have achieved his/her 20th birthday by December 31 of the year prior to the year of the Championship. For the Ortiz-Patino Trophy (Juniors Championship) a player must not have achieved his/her 25th birthday by December 31 of the year prior to the year of the Championship. There will be no exceptions - whether or not an National Bridge Organization holds the trials a year in advance will no longer be relevant. The new eligibility age rules will take effect as of January 1, 2011.

ACBL - Youth 4 Bridge
The American Contract Bridge League promotes the idea and necessity to let the States of the Union know that children and young adults are learning to play and enjoy the game of bridge. The ACBL is actively seeking representatives to promote and endorse such activities and campaigns via radio, television, newspaper, magazine, and within the communication industries to help generate national interest in the game of bridge. ACBL is sponsoring, promoting, and is actively involved in all aspects of these activities. Another source of information provided by ACBL is their Bridge For Youth program.

Note: The ACBL began in the year 2006 an online program, called Bridge is Cool, to interest the youth in learning the game of bridge. Promotional campaigns are present in magazines, newspapers, and also on the Internet, such as Bridge Is The ABCL offered programs beginning in the year 1989 and is called the School Bridge Lesson Series Program, and which is a great addition to any school's curriculum, giving the student the opportunity to play this great sport of the mind with friends and classmates.


Youth Bridge at World Bridge Federation
Jaime Ortiz-Patiño, President Emeritus of the World Bridge Federation introduced the World Junior Championship for the Ortiz-Patiño Trophy in 1987 and when José Damiani became President of the WBF he continued the development of this sector by introducing a Schools Bridge Championship for the Damiani Cup for younger players, and later introduced a Pairs Championship and a Girls Team Championship for which Gianarrigo Rona presented the Rona Cup. These events are all held together in what is currently known as the World Youth Championships, held in the even numbered years. The World Youth Open Bridge Championships were introduced in 2009.


Youth Bridge
The World Bridge Federation has complemented their site with web pages devoted and dedicated to the younger bridge player. The WBF Youth Committee Members are listed on this web page. These web pages contain all pertinent information for bridge events designed entirely for the Junior bridge player such as a Calendar of events, posting the Results, adding a Database and Links, and providing a Photo Gallery.



School Bridge League
The School Bridge League enriches school curricula and student's lives by promoting and fostering Bridge as a fun, social, educational, & competitive experience and by developing mutually beneficial relationships between the school & bridge communities. Bridge helps students develop skills essential to critical thinking, learning and socialization.


North American Youth Bridge Foundation
This site will be dedicated to the promotion of junior and youth duplicate bridge players, their stats, and accomplishments. It will also be used as a platform for fundraising efforts for under 25 players that are aiming at the olympics as their goal.


Australian Youth Bridge
A list of the responsibilities of the ABF Youth Committee is the promotion of youth bridge in general, informing youth players of events throughout the year, selection and ratification of all representative youth teams, and deciding which events are to be played by Australian representative youth teams.


Vlaamse Bridge Liga
The Vlaamse Bridge Liga has a Youth Committee overseeing all the competitions for younger players. The Vlaamse Bridge Liga closely cooperates with the Federation Royale Belge de Bridge, with Le bridge en Belgique francophone, with the European Bridge League, with the Association of IOC Recognised International Sports Federations, and with the World Bridge Federation.


Canadian Junior Bridge
The Canadian Bridge Federation sponsors and support younger bridge players and anyone up to age 26 and currently attending school can be a Junior member. The interested bridge student also has online access to Junior Bridge News. Of special note is the donation of Mr. Larry Berry in memory of his daughter Erin Berry:

Erin Berry Memorial Fund
Le Fonds commémoratif Erin Berry

Larry Berry, father of the late Erin Berry, has set up a Trust Fund in memory of Erin. This Trust Fund will be administered by the Canadian Bridge Federation. The initial deposit to the Fund was $80,000.00.

Erin Berry, a gifted student and bridge player, was tragically killed in a car accident in January of 1998 just prior to her 17th birthday. The Memorial Fund will be used to benefit Canadian youth (19 and under) bridge players. At the CBF meetings in May, the CBF Board of Directors appointed the following three person to act as the Trustees for the Erin Berry Memorial Fund:

CBF President - CBF Vice-President - CBF Executive Secretary/Treasurer

The Memorial Fund will be used to help subsidize Youth Category Canadian players, who are members of the CBF, for bridge related activities. In no case will any individual receive more than 75% subsidy to the bridge activity. For the first four years, 2000 - 2004, only the interest income on the Fund will be available for dispersement. After that time frame, a schedule has been drawn up to ensure that the fund remains in place for several years. Since the first interest payments will not come until May of 2001, the first awards will not be made until that time.

The types of events that might be covered for funding are:

Bridge Camps, World Scholar Games, Bridge Training Sessions, Canadian Junior Trials, International Youth Bridge Festival, Junior World Championships, and other Bridge related activities


Youth Bridge
The English Bridge Union supports Youth and Junior bridge events. Their EBU Youth Blog is established as a forum for younger players.The EBU also presents the Young Player of the Year Award.


Dansk Juniorbridge
Junior Bridge in Denmark - All pertinent information can be found at this link of the Danmarks Bridgeforbund. A Junior Forum is also available for chatting online about common interests. The user must log in.


Bridge Jeune
Les juniors ont moins de 25 ans et jouent dans les clubs de la FFB. En compétition internationale, il existe une catégorie "moins de 20 ans" qui, comme son nom l'indique, est réservée aux joueurs ayant moins de 20 ans, et une catégorie "girl"... En France ces trois catégories sont regroupées en une seule : les juniors.

Translation Note: Juniors are under 25 years old and playing in the clubs of the Federation Framcaose de Bridge. In international competition, there is a category "under 20" which, as its name suggests, is reserved for players under 20 years of age, and a category "girl " ... In France these three categories are grouped into one: the Juniors.


Kult Bridge Camp Rieneck
Das Camp bietet jugendlichen Spielern in lockerem Rahmen die Möglichkeit, andere Bridgespieler jüngeren Alters kennen zu lernen. Dies ist enorm wichtig, um junge Spieler, die nach dem Erlernen der Bridge-Grundbegriffe nach weiteren Entfaltungsmöglichkeiten suchen, eine Anlaufstelle zu bieten. Im lokalen Club ist oft das Durchschnittsalter zu hoch, als dass der Jugendliche sich dort spontan wohl fühlt, und erst durch den in Rieneck geknüpften Kontakt mit Gleichgesinnten aus ganz Deutschland wird der Anfänger motiviert, tatsächlich beim Bridge zu bleiben.

Translation: The camp offers young players the opportunity, in a loose framework, to meet other bridge players of young age. This is very important for young players seeking to learn additional development opportunities after learning the basic concepts of the game of bridge. The Bridge-Club Kultcamp Rieneck provides such a format, which provides the added incentive for all novices and beginners to continue leaning the game of bridge.


BC Yarborough
Wie alles begann .... Im Sommer 1999 trafen sich einige fanatische Kartenspieler, um sich mit dem Spiel Bridge auseinander zu setzen. Nach Abschluss eines ersten Bridgekurses hatte man Blut geleckt und beschloss, in Fritzlar einen Verein ins Leben zu rufen, um diesen Sport als Wettkampf zu betreiben. So wurde zum 01.01.2000 der BC Yarborough Fritzlar e.V. ins Leben gerufen. Da man sich vor allen Dingen der Juniorenarbeit verschrieben hatte,schloss man einen Kooperationsvertrag mit der Ursulinenschule ab,die Bridge ab April 2000 in ihr Programm aufnahm.Aufgrund dieser Tatsache treten immer noch jedes Jahr 2-4 Junioren dem BCY bei.

Translation: How it all began .... In summer 1999, some fanatic card players gathered with the purpose of learning the game of bridge. After completing a first rate bridge course they had tasted blood and decided to establish a bridge club in the city of Fritzlar, Germany and to operate the sport as a competition. Thus, the Bride Club Yorborough was launched on January 1, 2000. As the main purpose and intention was more geared to young bridge players the founders concluded a cooperation agreement with the Ursuline School, which introduced bridge lessons in their program beginning in April 2000.


The Bridge Youth Committee of the Nederlandse Bridge Bond aims is to promote a structure and format, in which each learning young bridge player finds an environment to play with and among his or her peers, especially at conducted bridge tournaments and competitions. The Bridge Youth Committee (CJB) is responsible for all such competitions, tournaments, and other such duties. All bridge players correspond to the requirements as set forth by the World Bridge Federation for bridge players under the age of 26. The Nederlandse Bridge Bond also distinguishes young bridge players in age categories for pupils, students, and juniors.


Bridge For Youth Players
To be eligible to compete in a Youth event a player must, at the most, have their 26th birthday in the calendar year in question.


The Bridge Federation of Sweden has a section devoted to Junior bridge players.


BridgeAtSchools, Inc.
Dedicated to using the game of bridge to make a positive difference in the education and development of children and youth. Beginning with school research pilots to quantify bridge’s comprehensive contribution to math, critical thinking, and social skills, BridgeAtSchools, Inc. develops approved curricula which are beneficial and enjoyable to all students. Local bridge communities supplement school instruction with competitions and adult mentoring in supportive, welcoming environments. By providing a life-long learning opportunity which helps youth grow to become confident, competent, respectful citizens instilled with a strong sense of community, commitment to excellence, and compassion for others, this universally-loved game will occupy an important role in our country, enabling it to endure for generations.


Welsh Bridge Union
The Welsch Bridge Union is actively promoting the teaching of bridge in schools, and will give as much help and encouragement as possible to potential teachers. Junior sessions are for anyone of any ability from beginner up and take place at various bridge clubs: Newport, Cardiff and Swansea in Wales, and also the Bristol and West of England clubs, both in Bristol.

Authored by Samantha Green and presented online December 31, 2012, the web page is geared to the younger bridge player learning the game and the pathways through cyberspace to good sources of bridge-related information. The content of the web page offers links to other bridge-related sites, which inform the learning bridge players as a beginning tool to inform oneself in the digital age. A description as to the game of bridge itself is presented is precise, concise, and offers the incentive to learning players that bridge is a social game and requires teamwork. Playing bridge is a great way to spend an afternoon with friends.


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