The National 49er Pairs is a one-day Matchpoint Event, in which players compete for masterpoints and the Fifth Chair Trophy. The National 49er Pairs is a limited to players with 0 to 50 Masterpoints. The first National 49er Pairs was conducted in 1998 at the 41st Spring North American Bridge Championship conducted in Reno, Nevada, between March 19 and March 29, 1998.

See: Bulletin 8, Volume 41, Number 8, for Thursday, March 27, 1998, with Editiors Mr. Henry Francis and Jody Latham.

Note: Junior Collegiate Team Championship - This annual event is played online on OKbridge and is co-sponsored by The Fifth Chair Foundation, ACBL, and OKbridge. It features an international field of college students and is a free event.

The names of the winners are added to the Fifth Chair Trophy. The Fifth Chair Foundation is an international non-profit (tax-exempt in United States) organization dedicated to fostering bridge education on the Internet and attracting new players to a game that has challenged, intrigued and entertained people since the early 16th century, when it was known as Whist in England.

Every year The Fifth Chair Foundation awards the only major trophy given in a Novice Event at the Spring NABC to the winning pair in the National 49ers Pairs event.


The winners of the past National 49er Pairs are listed below.

Year Winners   Runners-Up
1998 Roberta Lyon and Jim Washburn   Marsh MacMillan and Lois MacMillan
1999 Linda C. Bell and Kristina Bohdanowicz   David Hooey and Kas Dykstra
Left is David Silver, ACBL Chief Executive Officer and right is Marcia West, President of Fifth Chair
2000 Judith Hunt and Daniel Taylor   Frank Paynter and Jo Anne Paynter
2001 John Balog and William Nabors (Bill)   Wanda Brooks and Jim Rinck
2002 Brian Duran and Stephen McDevitt   John Redford and Tricia Bradford
2003 Marilyn Weintraub and Paul Weintraub   Barbara Albert and Judith Broder
2004 Candace Carlton and Terry Carlton   Kay Jenkins and Cary Jenkins
2005 Joan Dixon and Bernie Weiss   Bernie Weiss and Joan Dixon
2006 Eric Sieg and Jim Thompson   Nadine Barker and Suzie Herman
2007 Sara Fabick and Ann Gruver   James Carey and Eric Bardin

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