The Bean Trophy was designated by the ACBL Board of Directors in 1996 to honor Mr. Percy X. Bean, ACBL President in 1972 and Chairman of the Board in 1973. The Percy Bean trophy is awarded to the winners of the Red Ribbon Pairs held at the Summer NABC., which is an ACBL event with national rating open only to players with fewer than 2000 masterpoints, and who have fulfilled the qualification requirements. A player must win or place second in a qualifying event while he/she still has 1500 or fewer masterpoints.

Noteworthy Information

Red Ribbon qualifying events can not have an upper limit of more than 1500 masterpoints. A player can qualify for this event with Blue Ribbon, Silver ribbon or Red Ribbon qualifications.

Mr. Percy X. Bean (1916-1992) represented District 19 on the Board of Directors from 1964 until 1988 and served as President of the ACBL Charity Foundation from 1974 until 1981. He was a member of the ACBL Goodwill Committee and the National Board of Governors and general Chairman of Arrangements for the World Team Olympiad in Seattle in 1984. Mr. Percy X. Bean and his wife Anne were named ACBL Honorary Members for 1992, the first time that honor was bestowed on a husband-wife combination. Mr. Percy X. Bean was the Editor of Mad, Mad World of Bridge, a publication that strongly championed players of less than expert class.

The General Conditions of Contest for pair events will apply to this event, subject to the following special conditions of contest. These Conditions of Contest may not be changed at any level of play during the course of this event. Lack of knowledge does not constitute cause for exemption.

1. The Red Ribbon Pairs will consist of four sessions, two qualifying and two final.
2. The Red Ribbon Pairs is open to pairs, each of whom having fewer than 2000 Master Points (as of the 1st of the month of the year and month of the event). Further, each player must have earned a Red, Blue or Silver Ribbon qualification and be an ACBL paid-up member. Please consult Appendix R for more complete information on how these qualifications are earned.
3. For the two qualifying sessions the field (if more than 39 tables) will be divided into comparison/qualifying groups of two sections except that one three section group is permitted when necessary. The matchpoints on each board will be calculated across the each group. Approximately 50% (but in no case less than 40%) of the field in each group will qualify for the two final sessions. Ties for the last qualifying position will be broken as per ACBL regulation.
4. There will be a carryover from the qualifying sessions to the final. The carryover will be calculated as per ACBL regulations but the spread from top to bottom can be no greater than four boards.
5. For purposes of qualifying or for determining final overall ranking any fraction of a matchpoint will be sufficient separation.
6. Regarding any of the above or any of the general conditions of ACBL pair events, the decision of the Director in Charge shall be final.

Previous Winners and Runners-Up are listed below:

Winners and Runners-Up of the Red Ribbon Pairs National Bridge Championship
Year Winners   Runners-Up
1986 Wayne Perrin, Martin Newland
  Hugh Ogle, Charlie Cargile
1987 Jim Garder, Jimmy Ritzenberg
  Charles Moser, Paul Bratton
1988 Leni Holtz, Guy Green
  Anthony Trafecanty, Michael Trafecanty
1989 Lu Kohutiak, Yvonne Hernandez
  2-3. Warren Haynie, Charlie Cargile
2-3. Bill Goldberg, Bill McKenna
1990 Philip Gordon, Mike Grodsky
  Rajendra Agarwal, Don Chilrud
1991 Dan Marthaler, Robert Johnstone
  Steven Gaynor, Art Ardy Bakshian
1992 Duncan McCallum, Peter Peng
  Andy Goodman, Steve Zolotow
1993 Ron Weinstock, John Gillette
  Hank Meyer, Marty Graf
1994 T.C. Petty, Steve Altus
  Grant Robinson, Joe Walden
1995 Marc Umeno, Hank Youngerman
  Bernie Greenspan, Keith Sechler
Winners and Runners-Up for the Percy Bean Trophy
1996 Vinay Sarin, Ringo Chung   Burton Lipsky, Arnold Goldstein
1997 Tony Miller, Diane Miller   Mark Bumgardner, Nagy Kamel
1998 Paul Spear, Jim Johnsen   David Halasi, Mike Nadler
1999 Jenni Hartsman, Andrew Rosenthal   Martin Hunter, Andy Stark
2000 Nie Wei Ping, Christopher Leung   David Yang, Xiaodong Shi
2001 LaToss Carpenter, Brandon Carpenter   Mike Nadler, Gurhun Baykal
2002 Rich Atwater, Chris Pesce   Bob Sievers, Georgia Heth
2003 Chi-Yen Lai, Bin Dai   Edward Leach, Bruce Schwaidelson
2004 Martin Harris, Jacob Morgan   Mark Brighouse, Harvinder Sidhu
2005 Yeong-Long Shiue, David Margolin   Jim Lyle, Robert Todd
2006 Chris Buchanan, B.J. Trelford   Everett Boyer, Mansoor Gowani
2007 Jack Hawthorne, Paul Spear   Charles Michalski, James Kehoe
2008 Mike Develin, Li-Chung Chen   Sid Kanter, Ron Welken
2009 Daniel Jackson, Bill Gervais   Steven Towner, Mitch Towner
2010 Robert Levey, Jimmy Ritzenberg   George Dragich, Rosemary Dragich
2011 David Amsterdam, Brad Barry   Neil Cohen, Eric Goff
2012 Daniel Neill, Jason Rotenberg   Steve Hirsch, Gregory Thorp
2013 Brian Cummins, Blake Sanders   Rich Brandenburg, Jeff Dater
2014 Mike Miedema, Ted Bain   Erli Zhou, Zhuo Wang
2015 Paul Hattis, James Orleans   Jesse Chao, Richard Wimberly


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