The Blue Ribbon Pairs was first ignaugarated in the year 1963 and is similar to the Zedwitz Life Master Pairs in endurance, perseverance, resolution in practically all respects for the participant. In the year was renamed in honor of Mr. Edgar Kaplan in the year 1999 to honor one of the game's great player, author, and bridge columnist. He was recognized as the world’s foremost authority on the laws of duplicate and rubber bridge. He became co-chairman of the ACBL Laws Commission in the year 1978 and was co-chairman of the WBF Laws Commission at the time of his death. He was named ACBL Honorary Member in the 1993. In the 1995 he was inducted into the ACBL Bridge Hall of Fame and the WBF Hall of Fame.

Conditions of Contest

Edgar Kaplan Blue Ribbon Pairs (Blue Ribbon Pairs) is a national bridge championship conducted at the Fall North American Bridge Championship (NABC) sponsored by the American Contract Bridge League. The event is restricted to those that have won a blue ribbon qualification. The event is generally considered the hardest pairs event on the ACBL calendar.

The Blue Ribbon Pairs is a six-session MP pairs event, two qualifying sessions, two semi-final sessions and two final sessions that takes place over three days, typically starting on the first Tuesday of the NABC.

Along with the Von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs at the summer NABC and the Norman Kay Platinum Pairs at the spring NABC, the events provide one marquee pairs championship at each of the three NABCs. Each is open to all players whose past performances qualify them, without regard to age, gender, nationality, or ACBL membership. In addition, the North American Pairs, contested in the spring, is for ACBL members who have qualified in one of its 25 Districts, some of which require qualification in local Units.

Blue Ribbon Pairs

Special Conditions of Contest

The General Conditions of Contest for pair events will apply to this event, subject to the following special conditions of contest.

These Conditions of Contest may not be changed at any level of play during the course of this event.

Lack of knowledge does not constitute cause for exemption.

1. The Blue Ribbon Pairs will consist of six sessions, two qualifying, two semi-final, and two final.
2. The Blue Ribbon Pairs will be open to pairs, each of whom has a Blue Ribbon Qualification. Use of one qualification does not cancel others. See Appendix R for more complete information on how one obtains a qualification.
3. Players who have equivalent status in bridge organizations other than the ACBL may request, in writing, approval to enter from the Director in Charge.
4. For the qualifying and semi-final sessions the field will be divided into groups of three or more sections. The matchpoints on each board will be calculated across the entire group for the two qualifying sessions. Approximately 50% (but in no case less than 40%) of the field in each group will qualify from the qualifying to the semi-final and from the semi-final to the final. For the semi-final and final sessions the matchpoints on each board will be calculated across the entire field.
  Ties for the last qualifying position will be broken as per ACBL regulation.
5. There will be a carryover from the qualifying sessions to the semi-final. The carryover will be calculated as per ACBL regulations but the spread from top to bottom can be no greater than two and one half boards. There will be a carryover from the semi-final sessions to the final as well but the spread can be no greater than four boards.
6. For purposes of qualifying or for determining final overall ranking any fraction of a matchpoint difference will be sufficient separation.
7. Regarding any of the above or any of the general conditions of ACBL pair events, the decision of the Director in Charge shall be final.

Blue Ribbon Pairs Qualifications

The Blue Ribbon Pairs will be held annually at the Fall NABC. Players who fulfill any one of the following requirements will have earned Blue Ribbon qualification.

1. First through eighth in the Vanderbilt, Spingold or Women's KO Team events.
2. First through tenth and ties in all other events with national rating (but not including Non-Life Master events). (This will include the Red Ribbon Pairs.)
3. First and second (including ties) in all gold-point regionally-rated events, without an age limit, and with an upper masterpoint limit of more than 1500 MPs.
4. First and second place finishers of a Flight A Second Strata 2-session Regional event with an upper masterpoint limit of 2,000 or higher that issues 100% gold points.
5. First and second in a bracket of a bracketed KO which awards 100% gold points. First and second in any other bracket if a team member has more than 1500 masterpoints.
6. The 100 players having the greatest total master points as of the September 1st ACBL computer cycle.
7. Winners of the Flight A District championship in the Grand National Teams and the Zonal champions in the CNTC Flight A.
8. First and second (including ties) in single-site District Finals of the North American Pairs. First and ties for first in multiple-site District Finals.
9. First and second place finishers in the Open Flight of the Grand National Teams at the National Final.
10. All past world champions. Players representing the ACBL or member countries of the ACBL in World Bridge Federation competition will not automatically earn Blue Ribbon qualification.
11. Using one eligibility does not cancel other eligibilities. They continue until used individually.

ACBL Remembers Edgar Kaplan 1999

The ACBL Board of Directors has voted to remember Mr. Edgar Kaplan by renaming the Blue Ribbon Pairs the Edgar Kaplan Blue Ribbon Pairs. The action came at board meetings before the start of the Summer NABC in San Antonio and is effective with the Fall NABC in Boston. Mr. Edgar Kaplan (1925-1997) was a giant in the bridge world and his legacy to the game is incalculable. His career spanned six decades and covered every aspect of bridge. He was a teacher, author, editor, administrator, champion player, theorist, expert vugraph commentator, coach/captain and the authority on the laws of the game. Mr. Edgar Kaplan was born in New York City in 1925, "a terrible year for wine but a great year for bridge players," he said in a 1996 interview. He learned to play bridge before he was 10 by watching his parents play. He continued to play during his school years, including a brief time at Cornell University. "I didn't last there very long," he recalled. "I was mostly majoring in bridge."

He left Cornell to join the Army Air Force in 1943 and served until early 1946. When he returned from the service, Kaplan went into business with his father, a dress manufacturer. Several years later, the elder Kaplan announced plans to retire and the son realized that "when he retired, I either had to take over the business or get out." He chose to become a partner in the Card School of New York. "It wasn't the correct financial decision but it was better for my disposition." Mr. Edgar Kaplan also began establishing himself as a player, writer, analyst, commentator and administrator. He won his first Vanderbilt title in 1953. "I started to get up but my knees were weak. I realized then that I had been under pressure after all." His greatest thrill was the 1983 Reisinger victory with Oswald Jacoby -- plus regular teammates Norman Kay, Bill Root and Richard Pavlicek. Kaplan, Kay, Root and Pavlicek had played always as a foursome but they invited Jacoby, a man they admired for his past feats and for his strength and courage in battling cancer, to join their team. Kaplan and Jacoby, along with Root and Pavlicek, played the first final session and led the field with 23 wins out of a possible 33. Jacoby sat out the second final session and his teammates scored 18 wins, and claimed the victory. Jacoby died the following year.

In all, Mr. Edgar Kaplan won 26 North American Championships but even with those impeccable credentials, he considered bridge a great leveler. In 1979 Kaplan was named Bridge Personality of the Year by the International Bridge Press Association. He was selected as ACBL Honorary Member for 1993. In 1995 he was inducted into the ACBL Bridge Hall of Fame and the WBF Hall of Fame. Mr. Edgar Kaplan was the co-inventor of the Kaplan-Sheinwold system, Kaplan and Kay listed "Timid K-S" as their general approach on their convention cards. Their results belied the "timid" designation: they won six Vanderbilts, two Spingolds, eight Reisingers, the 1997 Open Swiss Teams, the 1973 Life Master Men's Pairs and the 1974 Blue Ribbon Pairs.


List of Winners and Runners-Up

Note: Listed below are the pairs, who placed first followed by the pair, who placed second. For a list of all participants, scroll down and check for each year starting with the year 1996, the year, in which all participants were listed and ranked in the daily Bulletins.
Year Winners and Runners-Up
1963 1. Benjamin Jay Becker, Dorothy Hayden
  2. Harold Harkavy, Cliff Russell
1964 1. Robert D. Hamman, Lewis L. Mathe
  2. Gunther Henke, John H. Moran
1965 1. Charles (Chuck) Henke, John H. Moran
  2. Michael S. Lawrence, Ron Von der Porten
1966 1. Charles Coon, Richard Zeckhauser
  2. Leland Ferer, Gratian Goldstein
1967 1. Sami Kehela, Baron Wolf Lebovic
  2. Phil Feldesman, Lewis L. Mathe
1968 1. Larry Cohen, Richard H. Katz
  2. Robert "Bobby", Goldman, Michael S. Lawrence
1969 1. Erik Paulsen, Alex Tschekaloff
2-4. Sami R. Kehela, Eric R. Murray
2-4. Tom Hodapp, Robert F. Morris
2-4. Larry Cohen, Richard H. Katz
1970 1. Chuck F. Burger, Ira S. Rubin
  2. Richard Freeman, Cliff Russell
1971 1. Roger Bates, John M. Grantham
  2. Hermine Baron, Michael S. Lawrence
1972 1. Richard Khautin, Warren Kornfeld
  2. Garey Hayden, Mark Lair
1973 1. Steve Robinson, Kit Woolsey
  2. Kathie Cappelletti, Mike Cappelletti
1974 1. Edgar Kaplan, Norman Kay
  2. Roger Bates, George Rosenkranz
1975 1. Steve Robinson, Kit Woolsey
  2. Ron E. Andersen, Hugh C. MacLean
1976 1. Jay Apfelbaum, Bill Edelstein
  2. James Jacoby, David Berkowitz
1977 1. Lou Bluhm, Thomas K. Sanders
  2. Kathie Cappelletti, Mike Cappelletti
1978 1. Ron E. Andersen, David Berkowitz
  2. Ted Horning, Peter Nagy
1979 1. Robert Levin, Ron Smith
  2. Ted Horning, Peter Nagy
1980 1. Warren Rosner, Allan Stauber
  2. Dan Morse, G. Robert Nail
1981 1. Larry N. Cohen, Ron Gerard
  2. Chip Martel, Lew Stansby
1982 1. Eric Victor Rodwell, Jeffrey (Jeff) John Meckstroth
2-3. Robert Blanchard, Drew Casen
2-3. Peter Boyd, Steve Robinson
1983 1. Marty Bergen, Larry N. Cohen
  2. Peter Weichsel, Michael S. Lawrence
1984 1. Jack Kennedy, Bobby Wolff
  2. David Funk, Mark Lair
1985 1. Eric Victor Rodwell, Walter Johnson
  2. Kit Woolsey, Ed Manfield
1986 1. Bob Hamman, Ron Von der Porten
  2. Kit Woolsey, Ed Manfield
1987 1. Fred Stewart, Steve Weinstein
  2. Kerri Shuman, Robert Levin
1988 1. Marty Bergen, Larry N. Cohen
  2. Robert Levin, Ron Smith
1989 1. Mark Molson, Rebert Lebi
  2. Gaylor Kasle, Roger Bates
1990 1. Kit Woolsey, Ed Manfield
  2. Brian Glubok, Samuel Lev
1991 1. Bob Hamman, Nick Nickell
  2. Mark Tolliver, Marc Zwerling
1992 1. Haig Tchamitch, Adam Wildavsky
  2. Brad Moss, Ravindra Murthy
1993 1. Bob Hamman, Michael Rosenberg
  2. Martin De Bruin, Steve Price
1994 1. Mark Lair, Alexander Weiland
2. Fred Stewart, Steve Weinstein
List of Ranking and Participants
1995 1. David Berkowitz, Larry Cohen
  2. Paul Kiefer, Jerry Helms<
1996 1. Bob Blanchard, Jim Krekoria
  2. David Berkowitz, Larry N. Cohen
1997 1. Allan Falk, Adam Wildavsky
  2. Tony Forrester, Geir Helgemo
1998 1. Zia Mahmood, Howard Weinstein
  2. Eric Victor Rodwell, Marty Seligman
1999 1. Jill Meyers, John Mohan
  2. Russ Ekeblad, John Sutherlin
2000 1. Richard Coren, Marc Jacobus
  2. Bobby Levin, Steve Weinstein
2001 1. Salvador Assael, Nafiz Zorlu
  2. Pratap Rajadhyaksha, Steve Landen
2002 1. Bart Bramley, Sidney Lazard
  2. Fred Stewart, Kit Woolsey
2003 1. Geir Helgemo, Michael Seamon
  2. Eric Greco, Geoff Hampson
2004 1. Tarek Sadek, Walid Elahmady
  2. Bobby Levin, Steve Weinstein
2005 1. Jenny Ryman, Gavin Wolpert
  2. Daniela von Arnim, Sabine Auken
2006 1. Fulvio Fantoni, Claudio Nunes
  2. Drew Casen, Jim Krekorian
2007 1. Steve Landen, Pratap Rajadhyaksha
  2. Ernesto Muzzio, Alejandro Bianchedi
2008 1. Jeffrey (Jeff) John Meckstroth, Eric Victor Rodwell
  2. Martin de Knijff, Frederic Wrang
2009 1. Bart Bramley, Björn Fallenius
  2. John Hurd, Joel Wooldridge
2010 1. Jay Borker, Jan Jansma
  2. Sjoert Brink, Bas Drijver
2011 1. Joshua Donn, Roger Lee
  2. Billy Cohen, Brad Moss
2012 1. John Diamond, Brian Platnick
  2. Geoff Hampson, Eric Greco
2013 1. Agustin Madala, Steve Weinstein
  2. Bar Tarnovski, Dror Padon
2014 1. John Hurd, Justin Lall
  2. Eldad Ginossar and Nikolay Demirev
2015 1. Joe Grue, John Hurd
  2. Thomas Bessis, Frederic Volcker
2016 1. Jeffrey (Jeff) John Meckstroth, Eric Victor Rodwell
  2. Joe Grue, Eric Greco
70th Fall North American Bridge Championship - Daily Bulletin - Volume 70, Number 8 - Friday, November 29, 1996
Winners and Runners-Up
1. Jim Krekorian, Robert Blanchard
2. David Berkowitz, Larry Cohen
3. Tony Forrester, Geir G. Helgemo
4. Michael Rosenberg, Debbie Zuckerberg
5. Mark Bartusek, Marshall Miles
6. Zia Mahmood, J. Markland Molson
7. Edward Nagy, Jeffrey Polisner
8. Michael Moss, Bjorn Fallenius
9. Jill Meyers, John Mohan
10. Fred Stewart, Steve Weinstein
11. Dick Bruno, Jeff Schuett
12. Michael Schreiber, Curtis Cheek
13. Peter Nagy, Hugh Ross
14. Richard Pavlicek, William Root
15. Richard Schwartz, Mark Lair
16. Kerri Sanborn, Stephen Sanborn
17. Harvey Brody, Nels Erickson
18. Ralph Buchalter, Adam Wildavsky
19. Kit Woolsey, Ed Manfield
20. John Onstott, Garey Hayden
21. Stephen Landen, Pratap Rajadhyaksha
22. Jim Robison Jr., Allan Falk
23. Marshall Schwartz, Michael Levinson
24. Danny Sprung, Jo Ann Sprung
25. Peg Waller, Peder Langsetmo
26. Richard Katz, Robert Levin
27. Harry Steiner, Henry Lortz
28. Mark Feldman, Sharon Osberg
29. James Cayne, Alan Sontag
30. William Pettis, Beth Palmer
31. Billy Miller, Michael Lawrence
32. Michael Polowan, Kyle Larsen
33. Aidan Ballantyne, Dan Jacob
34. Vicki Laycock, Sidney Lorvan
35. Tom Fox, Walter Schafer Jr.
36. Brian Glubok, Ronald Smith
37. Eric Greco, Lowell Sawyer
38. Jeffrey Goldsmith, John Zilic
39. Lou Reich, John Adams
40. Dan Morse, John Sutherlin
41. Tom Trachuk, Douglas Dang
42. Lew Stansby, JoAnna Stansby
43. Barry Harper, Don Campbell
44. Richard Spitalnick, Steven Price
45. Charles Gray, Jess Stuart Jr.
46. Jim Reiman, Jeffrey (Jeff) John Meckstroth
47. Barry Rigal, Haig Tchamitch
48. Allan Deserpa, Sylvia Deserpa
49. Thomas Turgeon, Jack Wynns
50. Michael Prahin, Simon Satanovsky
51. Tom Joyce, Jim Cleary
52. Howard Weinstein, Ralph Katz
53. Peggy Kaplan, Peggy Sutherlin
54. Steve Sion, Bernard Miller
55. Bart Bramley, Sidney Lazard Sr.
56. Lynn Deas, Geoff Hampson
57. Ronald Scruggs, Richard Luttrell
58. Thomas Carmichael, Joel Wooldridge
59. Rebecca Rogers, Bobby Wolff
60. John Hodges, John Twineham
71st Fall North American Bridge Championship - Daily Bulletin - Volume 71, Number 8 - Friday, November 28, 1997
Winners and Runners-Up
1. Adam Wildavsky, Allan Falk
2. Geir G. Helgemo, Tony Forrester
3. Chip Martel, Robert Levin
4. Douglas Doub, John Rengstorff
5. Gene Freed, Mike Passell
6. Peter Weichsel, Kyle Larsen
7. Billy Miller, Dan Jacob
8. Michael Moss, Bjorn Fallenius
9. John Armstrong, John Holland
10. Ronald Smith, Ralph Katz
11. Jim Krekorian, Robert Blanchard
12. Larry La Brecque, Mark Bumgardner
13. David Siebert, Allan Siebert
14. Les Perlmutter, Mark Perlmutter
15. Peter Boyd, Steve Robinson
16. Larry Griffey, Richard Potter
17. Carol Sanders, Dorothy Truscott
18. James Cayne, Chuck Burger
19. Rita Shugart, Andrew Robson
20. Alexander Kolesnik, Varis Carey
21. Nadine Wood, Brian Trent
22. Jack Barcinski, Steve Shirey
23. Steve Weinstein, Zia Mahmood
24. Pablo Lambardi, Hector Camberos
25. Stephen Gladyszak, Stephanie Hamilton
26. Judy Tucker, Gail Greenberg
27. Jurek Czyzowicz, Darren Wolpert
28. Jon Brissman, Marshall Miles
29. Richard Pavlicek, Rich Pavlicek Jr.
30. David Berkowitz, Larry Cohen
31. Kit Woolsey, Ed Manfield
32. Charles Gray, Jess Stuart
33. Mark Feldman, Sharon Osberg
34. George Steiner, Gaylor Kasle
35. John Onstott, Garey Hayden
36. Grant Baze, Michael Whitman
37. Robert Rosenberg, Martin Miller
38. David Wiegand, Donald Mamula
39. Michael Lawrence, John Sutherlin
40. Richard Weiss, Charles Coon
41. Roger Lord, Richard Riezman
42. Jillian Blanchard, Stephen Shane
43. Paul Soloway, Steve Zolotow
44. Karen Walker, Tom Kniest
45. Charles Kopp, Gregory Potts
46. Fred Gitelman, Sheri Winestock
47. Don Caton, John Potter
48. Haig Tchamitch, Paul Erb
49. Jacqueline Derouin, Susan Finkelman
50. Jeff Schuett, Dick Bruno
51. George Rosenkranz, Eddie Wold
52. Gavin Wolpert, Ari Greenberg
72rd Fall North American Bridge Championship - Daily Bulletin - Volume 72, Number 8 - Friday, November 27, 1998
Winners and Runners-Up
1. Howard Weinstein, Zia Mahmood
2. Eric Victor Rodwell, Marty Seligman
3. Robert Blanchard, Jim Krekorian
4. Jan Martel, Chip Martel
5. Steve Beatty, Paul Munafo
6. Billy Miller, John Sutherlin
7. Douglas Doub, John Rengstorff
8. Sylvia Summers, John Zilic
9. Stephen Gladyszak, John Saxe
10. Kenji Miyakuni, Yoshiyuki Nakamura
11. Mike Passell, Michael Seamon
12. Larry Cohen, David Berkowitz
13. Lou Reich, John Adams
14. Glenn Milgrim, Michael Rosenberg
15. Robert "Bobby", Goldman, Ralph Katz
16. Alex Ornstein, Barry Rigal
17. Gerard Verluis, Jean-Paul Vis
18. JoAnna Stansby, Lew Stansby
19. Nader Hanna, Robert Lebi
20. Fred Stewart, Kit Woolsey
21. William Pollack, William Cole
22. Robert Levin, Steve Weinstein
23. Beverly Rosenberg, Steve Cohen
24. James Cayne, Chuck Burger
25. Bjorn Fallenius, Michael Moss
26. Dan Jacob, Mike Cappelletti
27. Joseph Silver, Darren Wolpert
28. Kerri Sanborn, Stephen Sanborn
29. Peter Boyd, Steve Robinson
30. Jill Meyers, John Mohan,
31. Sidney Lazard Sr., Bart Bramley
32. Farid Assemi, Edward Wojewoda
33. Fred Gitelman, Bryan Maksymetz
34. David Siebert, Jim Barrow
35. Harry Stratton, Mark Perlmutter
36. Hugh Ross, Peter Nagy
37. Christal Henner-Welland, Roy Welland
38. Linda Gordon, Robb Gordon
39. Jeff Roman, Marc Umeno
40. Nick Nickell, Richard Freeman
40. William Root, Bob Jones
42. Mark Bumgardner, Larry La Brecque
43 Huub Bertens, Bart Nab
44. Mark Lair, Richard Coren
45. Paul Marston, Malcolm Mayer
46. Jim Strachan, Julie Rowe
47. Elaine Paul, Ronald Felton
48. Ken Bloom, Bill Irvine
49. Jiun-Ming Chen, Yifan Yang
50. Chris Compton, Barbara Kasle
51. Dick Bruno, Sangarapil Mohan
52. Linda Lewis, G. Margie Gwozdzinsky
53. Darwin Afdahl, Kay Afdahl
54. Srikanth Kodayam, Josephus Scherders
55. Judy Schwarz, Phil Schwarz
56. Albert Rahmey, Gary Cohler
57. Lynda Rosenblatt, Marvin Rosenblatt
58. Rita Shugart, Andrew Robson
59. Richard Pavlicek, Rich Pavlicek Jr.
60. Ed Hoogenkamp, Louk Verhees
73rd Fall North American Bridge Championship - Daily Bulletin - Volume 73, Number 8 - Friday, November 26, 1999
Winners and Runners-Up
1. Jill Meyers, John Mohan
2. Russell Ekeblad, John Sutherlin
3. Sam Lev, Peter Gawrys
4. Zia Mahmood, Howard Weinstein
5. Lew Stansby, Steve Weinstein
6. Geir Helgemo, Richard Freeman
7. Aaron Silverstein, Pablo Lambardi
8. George Rosenkranz; Eddie Wold
9. Nick Bykov, Mark Ralph
10. Gordon McOrmond, Dan Jacob
11. Michael Whitman, Grant Baze
12. Allen Hawkins Jr. Jim Foster
13. Yifan Yang, Jiun-Ming Chen
14. Peter Boyd, Steve Robinson
15. Roger Bates, Robin Klar
16. Richard Katz, Robert Levin
17. William Pettis, Beth Palmer
18. Noberto Bocchi, Giorgio Duboin
19. Douglas Doub, John Rengstorff
20. Steve Beatty, Jon Wittes
21. David Berkowitz, Larry Cohen
22. Gregory Arbour, Morrie Kleinplatz
23. Val Covalciuc, Richard Covalciuc
24. Fred Stewart, Kit Woolsey
25. Linda Lewis, Paul Lewis
26. Chris Willenken, Ron Smith
27. Marvin Rosenblatt, Lynda Rosenblatt
28. Brian Glubok, Kyle Larsen
29. John Armstrong, John Holland
30. Janet Daling, Steve Mansfield
31. Tom Fox, Walter Schafer Jr.
32. Kenneth Kranyak,John Kranyak
33. Paul Soloway, Steve Catlett
34. Jose M. Valdes, Paolo Pasquini
35. Eric Greco, Geoff Hampson
36. Joseph Silver, Per Olov Sundelin
37. Barry Rigal, David Treadwell
38. David Yang, Xiaodong Shi
39. Richard Coren, Marc Jacobus
40. Tom Townsend, Mark Teltscher
41. Paul Benedict, Tom Cogan
42. Debbie Rosenberg, Michael Rosenberg
43. Nader Hanna, Robert Lebi
44. Gerhard Schiesser, Audrzej Knap
45. Stephen Shane, Eugene Davidson
46. Ishmael Del Monte, Ashley Bach
47. Alan Le Bendig, Rhoda Walsh
48. Cindy Harris, Joe Harris
49. R. Zeckhauser, Jaggy Shivdasani
50. Marty Seligman, Eric Victor Rodwell
51. Linda Gordon, Robb Gordon
52. Bryna Kra, Mike Goldsmith
53. Justin Lall, Hemant Lall
54. Glenn Eisenstein, Bobbie Satz
55. Denny Sacul, Karwvr Iranky
56. Lin Ya Fu, Shen Jia Xiang
57. Alan Schwartz, Michael Levinson
58. Jim Hall, Paul Meerschaert
59. Andrew Bernstein, Bernard Yomtov
74th Fall North American Bridge Championship - Daily Bulletin - Volume 74, Number 8 - Friday, November 24, 2000
Winners and Runners-Up
1. Marc Jacobus, Richard Coren
2. Steve Weinstein, Robert Levin
3. Bob Hamman, Zia Mahmood
4. David Berkowitz, Larry Cohen
5. Piotr Gawrys, Robert Morris
6. Mike Cappelletti, Mike Passell
7. Andreas Babsch, Martin Schifko
8. Eugene Kales, Don Probst
9. Sidney Lazard, Bart Bramley
10. Michael Seamon, Russell Ekeblad
11. Stephen Landen, Pratap Rajadhyaksha
12. Nicolas L'Ecuyer, Jeffrey Blond
13. Jim Krekorian, Paul Kiefer
14. George Jacobs, Alfredo Versace
15. Magnus Melander, Nichlas Eliazohn
16. JoAnna Stansby, Lew Stansby
17. Steve Catlett, Paul Soloway
18. Ranny Schneider, Josef Roll
19. Greg Hinze, Larry La Brecque
20. Larry Mori, Dan Morse
21. Hugh Ross, Bill Pollack
22. Alexander Kolesnik, Michael Shuster
23. Nell Cahn, Clifton Miller Sr.
24. Jim Looby, John Fout
25. David Yates, Tony Forrester
26. Ralph Cohen, Barry Rigal
27. Stephen Swearingen, Doug Levene
28. Richard Zeckhauser, Geir Helgemo
29. Pinhas Romik, Stelio Di Bello
30. Michael Moss, Magnus Lindkvist
31. Sam Lev, Jacek Pszczola
32. Alex Ladyzhensky, Irina Ladyzhensky
33. Jeffrey Hand, Ellen Siebert
34. Frederick Hamilton, Rhoda Walsh
35. Ivar Stakgold, Adam Wildavsky
36. Howard Weinstein, Steve Garner
37. Jim Barrow, Tom Clarke
38. Edward Molloy, Jim Backstrom
39. Hendrik Sharples, Gerry Marshall
40. Allen Hawkins Jr., Jim Foster
41. Steve Beatty, John Sutherlin
42. Erik Saelensminde, Boye Brogeland
43. Mark Lair, George Steiner
44. Spencer Hurd, John Hurd
45. Roger Bates, Vivian Kilstrup
46. Boris Baran, Allan Graves
47. Fredrik Nystrom, Peter Stromberg
48. John Mohan, Jill Meyers
49. Darren Wolpert, Ralph Katz
50. Jim Kirkham, Corinne Kirkham
51. Morrie Kleinplatz, Greg Arbour
52. Marty Chaitt, Ellasue Chaitt
53. Yi Zhong, Ruoyu Fan
54. Rose Meltzer, Peter Weichsel
55. Harold Feldheim, Norb Kremer
56. Lynn Baker, Irina Levitina
57. Jon Brissman, Alan Le Bendig
58. Ava Grubman, Elliott Grubman
59. Rahn Smith, Linda Epstein
75th Fall North American Bridge Championship - Daily Bulletin - Volume 75, Number 7 - Sunday, November 25, 2001
Winners and Runners-Up
1. Nafiz Zorlu, Salvador Assael
2. Stephen Landen, Pratap Rajadhyaksha
3. Kenneth Kranyak, John Kranyak
4. Dan Gerstman, Allan Graves
5. Robert Levin, Steve Weinstein
6. Robert Blanchard, Sam Lev
7. Eric Greco, Geoff Hampson
8. Fredrik Nystrom, Peter Stromberg
9. Roy Welland, Bjorn Fallenius
10. Alfredo Versace, George Jacobs
11. Russell Ekeblad, Robert Lipsitz
12. Jacek Pszczoka, Zia Mahmood
13. Steve Beatty, Allan Falk
14. Rose Meltzer, Peter Weichsel
15. Ira Ewen, David Gurvich
16. Jason Hackett, Michael Polowan
17. Sidney Lazard, Bart Bramley
18. Phillip Becker, Kumar Bhatia
19. Jerry Keller, Jane Thurman
20. David Berkowitz, Larry Cohen
21. Steve Garner, Howard Weinstein
22. Bob Jones, Paul Marston
23. Bryan Maksymetz, Lars Andersson
24. Ken Bloom, Bill Irvine
25. Kamla Chawla, Lloyd Arvedon
26. Jim Barrow, Adam Wildavsky
27. Geir Helgemo, Richard Zeckhauser
28. Jerry Helms, Richard Miller
29. Hugh Grosvenor, Bob Richman
30. George Whitworth, Phil Warden
31. Curtis Cheek, Lynn Deas
32. Kathy Newman, Bert Newman
33. Chip Martel, Jan Martel
34. Paul Soloway, Steve Catlett
35. Brady Richter, Aaron Silverstein
36. Charles Kopp, Gregory Potts
37. Michael Rosenberg, Debbie Rosenberg
38. Michael Ness, Paul Winter
39. Benito Garozzo, Lea Dupont
40. Brad Moss, Fred Gitelman
41. Richard Meffley, Blake Rundquist
42. Kevin Bathurst, Ian Boyd
43. Barnet Shenkin, Michel Abecassis
44. George Rosenkranz, Eddie Wold
45. Shawn Quinn, Jon Wittes
46. Barry Schaffer, Bryan Storey
47. Linda McGarry, Dennis McGarry
48. Josh Sher, John Pendergrass
49. Andy Altay, Ian McKinnon
50. Mark Bartusek, Harold Mouser Jr
51. Joel Hoersch, Eugene Hung
52. Mark Tolliver, Marc Zwerling
53. John Coufal, Rick Roeder
54. Mark Aquino, Jonathan Green
55. Nicolas L'Ecuyer, Leslie Amoils
56. Stephen Gladyszak, John Saxe
57. Brad Campbell, Michael White
58. David Mossop, Tim Rees
59. David Yang, Xiaodong Shi
76th Fall North American Bridge Championship - Daily Bulletin - Volume 76, Number 8 - Friday, December 6, 2002
Winners and Runners-Up
1. Sidney Lazard, Bart Bramley
2. Kit Woolsey, Fred Stewart
3. Alfredo Versace, George Jacobs
4. Chris Willenken, Glenn Milgrim
5. Howard Weinstein, Steve Garner
6. Jim Krekorian, Venkatrao Koneru
7. Larry Cohen, David Berkowitz
8. Fred Gitelman, Brad Moss
9. Richard Katz, Robert Levin
10. Robert Blanchard, Sam Lev
11. Vidar Smith, Odin Svendsen
12. Steve Weinstein, Norberto Bocchi
13. Tormod Roren, Erik Saelensminde
14. Dan Jacob, David Lindop
15. Bob Jones, Paul Marston
16. Jeffrey (Jeff) John Meckstroth, Perry Johnson
17. Zia Mahmood, Jacek Pszczola
18. Peter Friedland, Allan Falk
19. Sabine Auken, Klaus Reps
20. Joan Brooke, Dave Glen
21. Mitch Dunitz, Jon Wittes
22. Steve Beatty, Ralph Katz
23. Jovanka Smederevac, Sascha Wernle
24. Geir Helgemo, Richard Zeckhauser
25. Dan Gerstman, Allan Graves
26. Eric Victor Rodwell, Douglas Simson
27. William Pettis, Frederick Allenspach
28. Peter Boyd, Steve Robinson
29. Joe Grue, Fredrik Nystrom
30. Eric Greco, Geoff Hampson
31. Curtis Cheek, Lynn Deas
32. Richard Pavlicek, Rich Pavlicek Jr.
33 Jerry Premo, Kay Beck
.34. JoAnna Stansby, Lew Stansby
35. Paul Soloway, Steve Catlett
36. Linda Smith, Ron Smith
37. Tobi Sokolow, Leonard Holtz
38. Mark Bartusek, Murray Melton
39. Gaylor Kasle, Drew Casen
40. Paul Lewis, Linda Lewis
41. Vincent Demuy, Gavin Wolpert
42. Stephen Landen, Pratap Rajadhyaksha
43. Fulvie Fantoni, Claudio Nunes
44. Mark Feldman, Sharon Osberg
45. Douglas Doub, John Rengstorff
46. Richard Lesage, Serge Chevalier
47. Kenji Miyakuni, Kazuo K. Furuta
48. Gary Bush, Nagy Kamel
49. Gerry Marshall, Hendrik Sharples
50. Hugh Ross, Hemant Lall
51. Jaggy Shivdasani, Winthrop Allegaert
52. J. Peter Franks, Mark Ralph
53. Joan Dziekanski, Alan Goldman
54. Srikanth Kodayam, Douglas Dang
55. Roger Bates, Robin Klar
56. Fred Moen, Ingvar Erga
57. Mike Graham, Robert Bitterman
58. Michael Gilbert, Susan Gilbert
59. David McLellan, William Treble
77th Fall North American Bridge Championship - Daily Bulletin - Volume 77, Number 8 - Friday, November 28, 2003
Winners and Runners-Up
1. Geir Helgemo, Michael Seamon
2. Eric Greco, Geoff Hampson
3. Varis Carey, Henry Bethe
4. Zia Mahmood, Jacek Pszczola
5. Paul Soloway, Robert Levin
6. Mark Feldman, Barnet Shenkin
7. Steve Garner, Larry Cohen
8. Ron Rubin, Russell Ekeblad
9. Stephen Landen, Pratap Rajadhyaksha
10. Peter Boyd, Steve Robinson
11. Jill Meyers, Janice Seamon-Molson
12. Chip Martel, Steve Weinstein
13. John Armstrong, Paul Hackett
14. Waldemar Frukacz, Kenneth Skov
15. Thomas Peters, John Zilic
16. Bjorn Foellstad, Janerol Drangsholt
17. Jon Hansen, Erik Dahl
18. Winthrop Allegaert, Jaggy Shivdasani
19. John Fout, Jim Looby
20. Rita Shugart, Andrew Robson
21. Roy Welland, Bjorn Fallenius
22. Ai-Tai Lo, Alan Schwartz
23. Jan Svendsen, Erik Saelensminde
24. Michael Ness, Paul Winter
25. Joe Grue, Michael Moss
26. Justin Lall, Hemant Lall
27. Fred Gitelman, Brad Moss
28. Fred Moen, Rune Hauge
29. Odin Svendsen, Ingvar Erga
30. Kenneth Kranyak, John Kranyak
31. Gavin Wolpert, Vincent Demuy
32. Dan Jacob, Vish Viswanathan
33. Bryan Maksymetz, Lars Andersson
34. Michal Kwiecien, Brian Glubok
35. Dale Johannesen, Lynn Johannesen
36. Doug Baxter, Ron Bishop
37. Michael Barel, Amir Levin
38. Wafik Abdou, B. Wayne Stuart III
39. Valerie Westheimer, Judi Radin
40. Michael Schreiber, Nels Erickson
41. Robert Gookin, Jeff Roman
42. Alan Osofsky, Alan Sontag
43. JoAnna Stansby, Lew Stansby
44. Josh Sher, Sathya Bettadapura
45. Nafiz Zorlu, Salvador Assael
46. Cathy Strauch, Riggs Thayer Jr.
47. Enver Koksoy, Irfan Dogan
48. Paul Munafo, Larry Sealy
49. Ildeniz Ucan, Ata Aydin
50. Rajaa Sinno, Robert Hirsch
51. Alfredo Versace, George Jacobs
52. Ken Cohen, Allan Graves
53. Sally Wheeler, Buddy Hanby
54. Les Fouks, Michael Yuen
55. James Rosenbloom, Sylvia Moss
56. Michael White, Frederick Allenspach
57. Michael Rosenberg, Ralph Katz
58. Martin Caley, Michael Roche
59. Kit Woolsey, Fred Stewart
78th Fall North American Bridge Championship - Daily Bulletin - Volume 78, Number 8 - Friday, November 26, 2004
Winners and Runners-Up
1. 47.Tarek Sadek, Walid Elahmady
2. 49.Robert Levin, Steve Weinstein
3. 51.Drew Casen, Jim Krekorian
4. 53..Eric Victor Rodwell, Jeffrey (Jeff) John Meckstroth
5. David Berkowitz, Larry Cohen
6. Jim Hall, Paul Meerschaert
7. William Pettis, Beth Palmer
8. Sabine Auken, Danielle Von Arnim
9. Mike Rice, Jon Rice
10. George Jacobs, Alfredo Versace
11. Eric Greco, Geoff Hampson
12. Ross Grabel, Jon Wittes
13. David Lehman, Dick Melson
14. Allan Falk, B. Wayne Stuart III
15. Peter Boyd, Steve Robinson
16. Bryan Maksymetz, Lars Andersson
17. Randy Joyce, Kay Joyce
18. Daniel Salomonsson, Per-Erik Malmstrom
19. Connie Goldberg, Wafik Abdou
20. Dan Jacob, Frederick Allenspach
21. Geir Helgemo, Richard Zeckhauser
22. Valerie Westheimer, Judi Radin
23. Jon Aabye, Tormod Roren
24. Chris Compton, Hemant Lall
25. Greg Hinze, Ira Hessel
26. John Armstrong, Paul Hackett
27. Doug Levene, Mark Lair
28. David McLellan, William Treble
29. Hjordis Eythorsdottir, Leslie Amoils
30. Steve Beatty, Ralph Katz
31. Debbie Rosenberg, JoAnna Stansby
32. Kit Woolsey, Fred Stewart
33. Steve Catlett, Paul Soloway
34. James Murphy, Joseph Kivel
35. Tor Helness, Rune Hauge
36. Michael Becker, Richard Schwartz
37. Russell Samuel, Harry Tudor
28. G. S. Jade Barrett, Diana Marquardt
29. Jon Baldursson,Thorlakur Jonsson
40. Richard Pavlicek, Rich Pavlicek Jr.
41. Brad Moss, Fred Gitelman
42. Chip Martel, Mark Feldman
43. Fredrik Nystrom, Fulvio Fantoni
44. Mike Passell, Eddie Wold
45. Tadashi Teramoto, Kazuo K. Furuta
46. William Pollack, Mark Cohen
74. Ai-Tai Lo, Alan Schwartz
48. Gary Soules, Jan Soules
49. Sheri Winestock, Jill Levin
50. Arve Farstad, Haldor Sunde
51. Shalom Zeligman, Victor Melman
52. Steve Shirey, Nagy Kamel
53. Colin John Simpson, David Burns
54. Diana Wylie, Wendell Wylie
55. Bob Hamman, Justin Lall
56. Haig Tchamitch, David Levy
57. Kerri Sanborn, Stephen Sanborn
58. Robert Blanchard, Sam Lev
59. Michael Rosenberg, Benjamin Jay Becker
79th Fall North American Bridge Championship - Daily Bulletin - Volume 79, Number 8 - Friday, November 25, 2005
Winners and Runners-Up
1. Gavin Wolpert, Jenny Ryman
2. Sabine Auken, Daniela von Arnim
3. Zia Mahmood, Howard Weinstein
4. Eric Victor Rodwell, Jeffrey (Jeff) John Meckstroth
5. Jill Meyers, Jill Levin
6. Steve Garner, Ralph Katz
7. David Berkowitz, Larry Cohen
8. Lynn Deas, Curtis Cheek
9. James Cayne, Michael Seamon
10. Alfredo Versace, George Jacobs
11. Eddie Wold, Mark Lair
12. Arild Rasmussen, Thomas Charlsen
13. Pablo Lambardi, Agustin Madala
14. Gary Soules, Mark Ralph
15. Jeff Roman, John Fout
16. Edward Wojewoda, Apolinary Kowalski
17. Tarek Sadek, Walid Elahmady
18. Migry Zur Campanile, Michael Polowan
19. Alan Schwartz, Ai-Tai Lo
20. Paul Hackett, John Armstrong
21. Robert Levin, Steve Weinstein
22. JoAnna Stansby, Lew Stansby
23. Qing Yang, Junyi Zhu
24. Mark Itabashi, Fred Hamilton
25. Samuel Marks, Mark Bumgardner
26. Rita Shugart, Andrew Robson
27. Geir Helgemo, Arve Farstad
28. Chris Compton, Bryan Maksymetz
29. Joe Quinn, Shawn Quinn
30. Ken Cohen, Lois Stuart
31. Jeff Fang, David Chechelashvili
32. Richard Pavlicek, Rich Pavlicek Jr.
33. Boye Brogeland, Ishmael Del'Monte
34. Linda Spangler, Thomas Hughes Jr.
35. Chip Martel, Jan Martel
36. Joseph Kivel, Chris Larsen
37. Eric Greco, Geoff Hampson
38. Martin Andresen, Jon-Egil Furunes
39. Jonathan Steinberg, Bert Eccles
40. Mike Cappelletti, Justin Lall
41. Kenneth Kranyak, John Kranyak
42. Mark Feldman, Jason Feldman
43. Muriel Altus, Philip Altus
44. Barnet Shenkin, Sam Lev
45. Farid Assemi, Piotr Tuszynski
46. Tadashi Teramoto, Kazuo K. Furuta
47. Cecilia Rimstedt, Sara Sivelind
48. Leslie Amoils, Michael Gamble
49. Tim Crank, Fred King
50. William Pettis, Beth Palmer
51. Glenn Milgrim, Chris Willenken
52. Russell Samuel, Alexander Ladyzhensky
53. Dan Jacob, Frederick Allenspach
54. Kit Woolsey, Fred Stewart
55. Jill Fisch, John Gassenheimer
56. William Corliss, Robert Garret
57. Grant Baze, Michael Whitman
58. Weishu Wu, Jiang Gu
59. Gabriella Olivieri, Dano Defalco

Note: The publishers for the Daily Bulletins for the year 2006 erred in the consecutive numbers employed to designate the Fall North American Bridge Championship for the year 2006. The 79th Fall North American Bridge Championship was conducted in the year 2005 in the city of Denver, Colorado, United States, and the identical numbers, except for the dates, from this tournament were also mistakenly used for the publishing of the Daily Bulletins for the year 2006.

Note: As a consequence, owing to this error, all following annual Fall North American Bridge Championships were then readjusted to correspond with the number 79, and thus the 80th Fall North American Bridge Championship occurred in the year 2007, which would have been the 80th Fall North American Bridge Championship had the error not occurred.

Note: The Daily Bulletin logo above is the employed logo for the Daily Bulletins for the 79th Fall North American Bridge Championship conducted in the city of Hononlulu, Hawaii, United States.

79th Fall American Bridge Championship - Daily Bulletin - Volume 79, Number 8 - Friday, November 24, 2006
Winners and Runners-Up
1. Fulvio Fantoni, Claudio Nunes
2. Jim Krekorian, Drew Casen
3. Eric Victor Rodwell, Jeffrey (Jeff) John Meckstroth
4. James Cayne, Michael Seamon
5. Alan Sontag, Paul Soloway
6. Bob Hamman, Zia Mahmood
7. John Hurd, Joel Wooldridge
8. Eddie Wold, Kevin Bathurst
9. Chip Martel, Bjorn Fallenius
10. Steve Beatty, Wafik Abdou
11. Tarek Sadek, Walid Elahmady
12. Cameron Doner, Don Campbell
13. Andreas Babsch, Martin Schifko
14. Joe Grue, Brad Moss
15. Roger Bates, Michael Rosenberg
16. Kit Woolsey, Fred Stewart
17. John Onstott, Grant Baze
18. Paul Hackett, John Armstrong
19. Winthrop Allegaert, Jaggy Shivdasani
20. Zoltan Nagy, Woodville Robert Richman
21. Jenny Ryman, Lynn Deas
22. Peter David Gill, Paul Gosney
23. Irina Levitina, Kerri Sanborn
24. Rita Shugart, Andrew Robson
25. Jiang Gu, Nikolay Demirev
26. Louk Verhees, Alon Apteker
27. Valentin Kovachev, David Kendrick
28. Elena Prahin, Michael Prahin
29. Martin Andresen, Jon-Egil Furunes
30. Josh Sher, Marc Umeno
31. Lilo Poplilov, Matilda Poplilov
32. Paul Marston, Mike Prescott
33. Katrin Litwin, Aidan Ballantyne
34. Barry Goren, Gavin Wolpert
35. Mark Lair, Robert Morris
36. Cecilia Rimstedt, Sara Sivelind
37. Robert Levin, Steve Weinstein
38. JoAnna Stansby, Lew Stansby
39. Joseph Kivel, Rob Crawford
40. Norberto Bocchi, George Jacobs
41. Dan Morse, Nader Hanna
42. Susan Yates, Daniel Boye
43. Bradley Bart, Chris Diamond
44. Jill Levin, Jill Meyers
45. William Pollack, Per Olof Sundelin
46. Sheila Ekeblad, Fred Gitelman
47. Kieran Dyke, David Wiltshire
48. Ross Rainwater, Jackie Jarigese
49. Miriam Varenne, Migry Zur Campanile
50. Stephen Landen, Pratap Rajadhyaksha
51. Ari Greenberg, Mike Develin
52. Ken Cohen, Keith Garber
53. Danny Sprung, JoAnn Sprung
54. Eiji Ohtaka, Hidenori Narita
55. John Kranyak, Laurie Kranyak
56. Jason Feldman, Lynne Feldman
57. Sartaj Hans, Anthony Nunn
58. William Muir, Jess Stuart
59. Chip Chapin, S. Kan
80th Fall North American Bridge Championship - Daily Bulletin - Volume 80, Number 8 - Friday, November 30, 2007
Winners and Runners-Up
1. Stephen Landen, Pratap Rajadhyaksha
2. Ernesto Muzzio, Alejandro Bianchedi
3. Marcelo Branco, Diego Brenner
4. Geoff Hampson, Eric Greco
5. John Rayner, Michael Roche
6. Sangarapil Mohan, Robert Gardner
7. James Cayne, Michael Seamon
8. Zia Mahmood, Agustin Madala
9. Kazuo K. Furuta, Hiroki Yokoi
10. Michael Rosenberg, Richard Zeckhauser
11. Greg Hinze, Nagy Kamel
12. Marten Gustawsson, Gunnar Andersson
13. David Berkowitz, Larry Cohen
14. JoAnna Stansby, Lew Stansby
15. Bruce Tuttle, Robert Munson
16. Daniel Korbel, Jonathan Steinberg
17. Wolfe Thompson, Marc Zwerling
18. John Hodges, John Twineham
19. Peter Boyd, Steve Robinson
20. Erik Saelensminde, Per Erik Austberg
21. Kyoko Shimamura, Tadashi Teramoto
22. Joad Barbosa, Antonio Palma
23. Irina Levitina, Kerri Sanborn
24. Judith Weisman, Ronald Felton
25. Bart Bramley, Howard Weinstein
26. Christal Henner-Welland, Antonio Sementa
27. Joe Grue, Jeffrey (Jeff) John Meckstroth
28. Fred King, Robert Bell
29. David Walker, Shannon Cappelletti
30. Aubrey Strul, Michael Becker
31. Ulf Nilsson, Frederic Wrang
32. Beth Palmer, William Cole
33. Gail Greenberg, Jeffrey Hand
34. Brian Glubok, David Hoffner
35. Alan Osofsky, Alan Sontag
36. Richard Wegman, Arnold Malasky
37. William Pollack, Steve Beatty
38. Walter Schafer Jr., Barnet Shenkin
39. Dennis Kasle, Gary Cohler
40. David Caprera, Varis Carey
41. Nader Hanna, Wafik Abdou
42. Glenn Robbins, Michael Rosen
43. Lynn Deas, Curtis Cheek
44. Ken Cohen, Neal Satten
45. Apolinary Kowalski, Edward Wojewoda
46. David Yang, Jeff Fang
47. Maria Capucho, Manuel Capucho
48. Jack Lee, John Chen
49. Stephen Goldstein, Marshall Miles
50. Mike Passell, Drew Casen
51. George Jacobs, Claude Vogel
52. Pedro Ieong, Samuel Ieong
53. Fred Gitelman, Brad Moss
54. Irfan Ilgin, Ata Aydin
55. Louk Verhees, Bruce Rogoff
56. Darren Wolpert, Leslie Amoils
57. Mark McCarthy, Piotr Tuszynski
58. Victor Chubukov, Mark Dean
59. Jonathan Weinstein, Robert Heitzman Jr.
60. Allan Falk, Peter Friedland
81st Fall North American Bridge Championship - Daily Bulletin - Volume 81, Number 8 - Friday, November 28, 2008
Winners and Runners-Up
1. Eric Victor Rodwell, Jeffrey (Jeff) John Meckstroth
2. Martin De Knijff, Frederic Wrang
3. Douglas Doub, Adam Wildavsky
4. Ahmed Hussein, Tarek Sadek
5. Geoff Hampson, John Diamond
6. Jerry Helms, Robert Bitterman
7. Berry Westra, Vincent Ramondt
8. Glenn Milgrim, Robert Levin
9. Tom Hanlon, Paul Hackett
10. Ai-Tai Lo, Alan Schwartz
11. Aaron Silverstein, Andrew Rosenthal
12. David Lindop, Doug Baxter
13. Louk Verhees, Jan Jansma
14. David Ewart, Andrew McIntosh
15. Thomas Carmichael, Mike Cappelletti
16. Chip Martel, Zia Mahmood
17. Kujawa Krzysztof, Piotr Kucharski
18. Martin Fleisher, Michael Kamil
19. Gavin Wolpert, Ron Smith
20. Michael Becker, Aubrey Strul
21. Jan Van Cleeff, David Kendrick
22. David Yang, Jeff Fang
23. Harold Feldheim, Mike Cappelletti Sr.
24. Jiang Gu, Xiaodong Shi
25. Michael Moss, Nicolas L'Ecuyer
26. Jon Baldursson, Thorlakur Jonsson
27. Joanna Stansby, Lew Stansby
28. Johan Sylvan, Marten Gustawsson
29. Bob Hamman, Hemant Lall
30. Kazuo K. Furuta, Hiroki Yokoi
31. David Berkowitz, Larry Cohen
32. Marion Michielsen, Meike Wortel
33. Laurie Kranyak, John Kranyak
34. William Pettis, Frederick Allenspach
35. Lynn Deas, Nikolay Demirev
36. Peter Boyd, Steve Robinson
37. Margot Hennings, Donald Hennings
38. Robert Gardner, Sangarapil Mohan
39. David Hoffner, Mark Dahl
40. Jill Meyers, Jill Levin
41. Farid Assemi, Edward Wojewoda
42. Bas Drijver, Bob Drijver
43. David Gold, Sarah Dunn
44. Andy Bowles, Shireen Mohandes
45. Shane Blanchard, Robert Blanchard
46. Robb Gordon, Steven Cooper
47. Daniela von Arnim, Sabine Auken
48. Alan Applebaum, Victor King
49. Salvador Assael, Yalcin Atabey
50. Cameron Doner, Eugene Saxe
51. Jacek Poletylo, Mareu Wojcicki
52. Steve Reed, Jeff Roman
82nd Fall North American Bridge Championship - Daily Bulletin - Volume 82, Number 8 - Friday, December 4, 2009
Winners and Runners-Up
1. Bart Bramley, Bjorn Fallenius
2. John Hurd, Joel Wooldridge
3. Michal Kwiecien, Rafal Jagniewski
4. Eric Victor Rodwell, Jeffrey (Jeff) John Meckstroth
5. Alexander Smirnov, Josef Piekarek
6. Debbie Rosenberg, Michael Rosenberg
7. Louk Verhees, David Bakhshi
8. Jay Borker, Jan Jansma
9. Justin Hackett, Jason Hackett
10. Linda McGarry, Dennis McGarry
11. Connie Goldberg, Bill Eisenberg
12. Fred Gitelman, Brad Moss
13. Eric Greco, Geoff Hampson
14. Jan Van Cleeff, Jon Sveindal
15. Michael Polowan, Jacob Morgan
16. Joel Hoersch, Eugene Hung
17. Renee Mancuso, Jordan Cohen
18. Stephen Landen, Venkatrao Koneru
19. David Caprera, Clement Jackson
20. Harald Nordby, Arve Farstad
21. Bob Hamman, Gary Cohler
22. Sjoert Brink, Bas Drijver
23. David Lindop, Doug Baxter
24. Jason Feldman, Nikolay Demirev
25. Les Bart, Gloria Silverman Bart
26. Daniela von Arnim, Sabine Auken
27. Ernesto Muzzio, Alejandro Bianchedi
28. Douglas Doub, Adam Wildavsky
29. Gary Gottlieb, Peter Fredin
30. Pamela Granovetter, Dan Morse
31. James Cayne, Michael Seamon
32. Frank Nickell, Ralph Katz
33. Maurice De La Salle, Michael Yuen
34. David Berkowitz, Alan Sontag
35. Ari Greenberg, David Grainger
36. Jeff Aker, Glenn Milgrim
37. Kevin Bathurst, Daniel Zagorin
38. Vicki Lerner, Sidney Lorvan
39. Hakan Nilsson, Johan Upmark
40. Jill Meyers, Jill Levin
41. John Gassenheimer, Martin Caley
42. Laurie Vogel, Irina Levitina
43. Billy Miller, Dan Jacob
44. David Kendrick, Brian Senior
45. Buddy Hanby, Harvey Brody
46. Jessica Piafsky, Bob Drijver
47. Ira Hessel, Keith Garber
48. Robert White, Michael Kovacich
49. John Solodar, Linda Lewis
50. Boye Brogeland, Zia Mahmood
51. Richard Meffl ey, Blake Rundquist
52. Steven Cooper, Kitty Cooper
53. Reese Milner, Matt Granovetter
54. Jim Krekorian, Drew Casen
55. John Rayner, Michael Roche
56. Douglas Simson, Walter Johnson
57. Dale Johannesen, Lynn Johannesen
58. Allan Smith, Donald Kersey
59. Linda Smith, Ron Smith
60. Bipin Patel, Larry Cohen
83rd Fall North American Bridge Championship - Daily Bulletin - Volume 83, Number 8 - Friday, December 3, 2010
Winners and Runners-Up
1. Jan Jansma, Jay Borker
2. Bas Drijver, Sjoert Brink
3. Miguel Villas-Boas, Joaopaulo Campos
4. Bart Bramley, Nikolay Demirev
5. Chip Martel, Lew Stansby
6. David Bakhshi, Tom Townsend
7. Mark Itabashi, Ross Grabel
8. Larry Cohen, Steve Weinstein
9. Eric Victor Rodwell, Jeffrey (Jeff) John Meckstroth
10. Michael Seamon, James Cayne
11. Lynn Deas, Curtis Cheek
12. David Berkowitz, Alan Sontag
13. John Diamond, Brian Platnick
14. David Yang, Greg Hinze
15. Allan Graves, Jon Sveindal
16. Barnet Shenkin, Rhoda Habert
17. Reese Milner, Matt Granovetter
18. Bjorn Fallenius, Michael Moss
19. Thomas Peters, John Zilic
20. Leslie Amoils, Ishmael Delmonte
21. Roger Lee, Bob Etter
22. Beth Palmer, William Cole
23. John Hurd, Joel Wooldridge
24. Ljudmila Kamenova, Stephen Gladyszak
25. Erik Saelensminde, Rune Hauge
26. Samuel Marks, Michael Kovacich
27. Merijn Groenenboom, Danny Molenaar
28. Harry Gellis, Chester Johnson
29. David Grainger, Mike Cappelletti
30. Martin de Bruin, Steven Price
31. Laura Dekkers, Marion Michielsen
32. Gail Greenberg, Jeff Hand
33. Steve Garner, Michael Whitman
34. Brad Moss, Fred Gitelman
35. Christopher Monsour, Daniel Levin
36. Boye Brogeland, Tonje Brogeland
37. David Caprera, Clement Jackson
38. James Hawkes, Claudio Nunes
39. Michael Rosenberg, Richard Zeckhauser
40. Cindy Bernstein, Buddy Hanby
41. David Kent, Stephen Brown
42. Lawrence Harding, Kelley Hwang
43. Jonathan Steinberg, Daniel Korbel
44. David Lindop, Michael Cummings
45. Winthrop Allegaert, Jaggy Shivdasani
46. Sabine Auken, Daniela von Arnim
47. Bob Drijver, Tim Verbeek
48. Geoff Hampson, Eric Greco
49. Jessica Piafsky, Thomas Bessis
50. Allan Falk, Robert Bitterman
51. Aaron Silverstein, Andrew Rosenthal
52. Jared Lilienstein, Jacek Pszczola
53. Pablo Lambardi, Pablo Ravenna
54. Bruce Noda, Mark Ralph
55. Benjamin Jay Becker, Chris Willenken
56. Rita Shugart, Andrew Robson
57. Sheri Winestock, Renee Mancuso
58. Alan Kleist, Stephen McConnell
59. Steve Shirey, Ira Hessel
60. Dick Bruno, Robert Gardner
61. Glenn Robbins, Michael Rosen
62. Ira Chorush, Venkatrao Koneru
63. Richard Potter, John Potter
64. Richard Oshlag, Nagy Kamel
65. Robert Brady, Gordon Zind
66. Douglas Doub, Adam Wildavsky
67. Larry Pocock, Michael Yuen
68. Jay Baum, William Esberg
69. Peter Weichsel, Richard Schwartz
70. Patricia Tucker, Kevin Collins
71. Haven Sharaf, Bill Irvine
72. Norberto Bocchi, George Jacobs
73. Yan Wang, Jianfeng Luo
74. Danny Sprung, JoAnn Sprung
75. Nicolas L'Ecuyer, Zygmunt Marcinski
76. Fran Weiss, Alexander Weiss
77. Ava Grubman, Elliott Grubman
78. Jay Cohodes, Howard Parker III
84th Fall North American Bridge Championship - Daily Bulletin - Volume 84, Number 8 - Friday, December 2, 2011
Winners and Runners-Up
1. Roger Lee, Joshua Donn
2. Billy Cohen, Brad Moss
3. Thomas Bessis, Steve Weinstein
4. David Bakhshi, Michael Ranis
5. Ron Pachtmann, Eldad Ginossar
6. Robert Levin, Richard Coren
7. Michal Nowosadzki, Piotr Tuszynski
8. Eric Victor Rodwell, Jeffrey (Jeff) John Meckstroth
9. Eric Leong, Barry Rigal
10. Joao Paulo Campos, Miguel Villas-Boas
11. Zia Mahmood, Boye Brogeland
12. Fred Gitelman, Sheri Winestock
13. Mitch Dunitz, Wafik Abdou
14. Robert Lebi, Dan Jacob
15. Debbie Rosenberg, Michael Rosenberg
16. Gail Greenberg, Jeff Hand
17. Irina Levitina,Kerri Sanborn
18. Geoffrey Brod, Pat McDevitt
19. Bjorn Fallenius, Johan Upmark
20. Brian Senior, David Kendrick
21. Shane Blanchard, Robert Blanchard
22. Erez Hendelman, Chris Larsen
23. James Cayne, Michael Seamon
24. Robert McCaw, Lewis Gamerman
25. Richard Oshlag, Paul Munafo
26. Russell Samuel, Kyoko Shimamura
27. Peter Boyd, Steve Robinson
28. Thomas Turgeon, Mary Oshlag
29. Cheryl Mandala, Yul Inn
30. Roy Welland, Bart Bramley
31. Joel Wooldridge, Margie Gwozdzinsky
32. David Berkowitz, Alan Sontag
33. Larry Kozlove, Gaylor Kasle
34. G. Gard Hays, Henry Lortz
35. Barry Goren, Dror Padon
36. Martin Fleisher, Michael Kamil
37. JoAnn Sprung, Danny Sprung
38. Jim Reiman, Chris Moll
39. Jeffrey Goldsmith, Mark Bartusek
40. Lynn Deas, Curtis Cheek
41. Steve Smolen, Victor Chubukov
42. K. Fung, Maurice De La Salle
43. Mark Ralph, Bruce Noda
44. Andrzej Kozikowski, Mariusz Krasnicki
45. Daniela von Arnim, Sabine Auken
46. Richard Wegman, David Abelow
47. Frank Nickell, Ralph Katz
48. Alejandro Bianchedi, Ernesto Muzzio
49. Kelley Hwang, Richard Popper
50. Harry Gellis, Ed Lazarus
51. Stan Tulin, Gary Cohler
52. David Lehman, Dick Melson
53. Morrie Kleinplatz, David Corn
54. Sidney Brownstein, Ed Davis
55. Gary Macgregor, Robert Madalena
56. John Kranyak, Richard Schwartz
57. Hans Christian Graversen, Dennis Bilde
58. Merlin Vilhauer, Richard Carle
59. Jared Lilienstein, Jacek Pszczola
60. Allan Siebert, Randy Pettit
61. Walter Lee, Alex Perlin
62. Dennis Newman, Robert Sherman
63. Corey Krantz, Carl Berenbaum
64. James Griffin, Patricia Griffin
65. John Maki, William O'Brien
66. Frederic Volcker, Jessica Piafsky
67. Ai-Tai Lo, Alan Schwartz
68. Adam Kaplan, Peggy Kaplan
69. Ken Christiansen, Dave Setterholm
70. Jack Lee, Joel Martineau
71. Douglas Doub, Adam Wildavsky
72. Chien-Yao Tseng, Eric ChenTeh Tang
73. Kai Zhou, Baixiang Liu
74. Jan Van Cleeff, Bob Drake
75. Rita Bichara, Krzysztof Martens
76. Stephen McConnell, Robert Giragosian
77. Nader Hanna, Piotr Klimowicz
78. Barry Piafsky, Don Piafsky
85th Fall North American Bridge Championship - Daily Bulletin - Volume 85, Number 8 - Friday, November 30, 2012
Winners and Runners-Up
1. John Diamond, Brian Platnick
2. Geoff Hampson, Eric Greco
3. Juan Carlos Ventin, Frederic Wrang
4. Zia Mahmood, Marion Michielsen
5. Joe Grue, Justin Lall
6. Jared Lilienstein, Jacek Pszczola
7. Michael Kamil, Martin Fleisher
8. Sartaj Hans, Peter David Gill
9. Thomas Bessis, Peter Bertheau
10. Sabine Auken, Roy Welland
11. Bjorn Fallenius, Martin Schaltz
12. Les Bart, Gloria Bart
13. Winthrop Allegaert, Jaggy Shivdasani
14. John Adams, Sylvia Shi
15. David Smith, Sharon Osberg
16. Johan Upmark, Hakan Nilsson
17. Christal Henner-Welland, Uday Ivatury
18. Michael Rosenberg,Debbie Rosenberg
19. Mel Colchamiro, Lewis Gamerman
20. Ross Grabel, Mark Itabashi
21. Anders Hagen, Dennis Bilde,
22. Stephen Stewart, Brad Carmichael
23. David Berkowitz, Alan Sontag
24. Chris Larsen, Wafik Abdou
25. Ron Smith, Steve Zolotow
26. Laura Dekkers, Meike Wortel
27. Michael Becker, Howard Weinstein
28. Tien-Chun Yang, William Esberg
29. Jill Meyers, Janice Seamon-Molson
30. Mitch Dunitz, Ed Davis
31. Michael Moss, Brad Moss
32. David Grainger, Jeffrey Goldsmith
33. John Hurd, Steve Weinstein,
34. R. Jay Becker, Chris Willenken
35. Marius Agica, Iulian Christian
36. Richard Coren, Robert Levin
37. Rita Shugart, Andrew Robson
38. Kyoko Shimamura, Russell Samuel
39. David Gold, Michael Polowan
40. John Kranyak, Vincent Demuy
41. Jerry Stamatov, Diyan Danailov
42. Jacek Jerzy Kalita, Jessica Piafsky
43. Li-Chung Chen, Walter Lee
44. Mark Leonard, Morrie Kleinplatz
45. Tuna Aluf, Namik Kokten
46. Bar Tarnovski, Eliran Argelazi
47. David Walker, Shannon Cappelletti
48. Rene Stienen, Elly Schippers
49. Srikanth Kodayam, Nick Bykov
50. Ayse Gumrukluoglu, Zeynep Babac
51. David Bakhshi, Alexander Smirnov
52. Chip Martel, Jan Martel
53. Jacob Morgan, John Onstott
54. Steven Lawrence, Ilya Kuzkin
55. Sheri Winestock, Fred Gitelman
56. Arnold Malasky, Richard Wegman
57. Mark Aquino, Harlan Hullinger
58. Richard Weiss, John Hrones Jr,
59. Eric Victor Rodwell, Donna Rodwell
60. Ray Miller, Ed Freeman
61. Mike Cappelletti, Stephen Apodaca
62. Hendrik Sharples, Gerry Marshall
63. Jo Morse, Diego Brenner
64. Geoffrey Brod, John Rengstorff
65. Charles Martineau, Andre Chartrand
66. Bill Jacobson, Frank Treiber III
67. Gary Macgregor, Robert Madalena
68. Joel Datloff, Roger McNay
69. Pratap Rajadhyaksha, Mark Gordon
70. Steven Price, Bob Etter
71. Harvey Brody, Tom Trachuk
72. Stephen McConnell, Robert Giragosian
73. Leo Bell, James Tritt
74. Alexander Hadzhiev, Kalin Karaivanov
75. Julie Zhu, Sheng Li
76. Jessica Larsson, Kathrine Bertheau
77. Rebecca Rogers, John Grantham
78. Dale Johannesen, Lynn Johannesen



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