This is a bridge event, which began in the year 1932 as a contest conducted by the English Bridge Union. The event starts with a qualifying round, organised locally, with many heats. Players need not be EBU-members in order to play in the club qualifying events, but must become members of the English Bridge Union in order to qualify to the Regional Finals or any events conducted thereafter.

The first winners of the National Pairs in the year 1932 were in fact Capt. Ewart Kempson and Lt. Col. Walter Buller, who finished about 2,000 (with so-called aggregate) points clear of the runners-up. However, since Lt. Col. Walter Buller was playing as a substitute for T. Selby Wraith, the second pair, Mrs. Stephenson and Mrs. Watson, were awarded the trophy based on the fact that Lt. Col Walter Buller was actually a non-qualified player.

Previous winners and runners-up are listed below:

Year Winners
1932 Mrs. Stephenson, Mrs. Watson
1933 S. R. Lewis, A. J. Hornielow
1934 Mrs. Robert Walker, Mrs. Lloyd-Evans
1935 Richard Lederer, John Grew
1936 G. S. Digby, R. S. Smith
1937 Jack Marx, D. H. Haslam
1938 E. Reeve, A. D. Locke
1939 Maurice Harrison-Gray, S. J. Simon (aka Skid)
1940 Owing to the war the event was suspended until 1945.
1941 Suspended
1942 Suspended
1943 Suspended
1944 Suspended
1945 Mrs. Fritzi Gordon, Eric Leigh Howard
1946 Maurice Harrison-Gray, Boris Shapiro
1947 Joe Moskal, Michael Wolach
1948 Adam Meredith, Boris Shapiro
1949 Geoffrey Fell, Harold Franklin
1950 Terence Reese, Adam Meredith
1951 Nico Gardener, Louis Tarlo
1952 C. Hunt Freddie North
1953 James Sharples, Joel Tarlo
1954 Mrs. Marjorie Van Reese, Norman Hughes
1955 Maurice Harrison-Gray, Miss Dorothy Shanahan
1956 Reuben Myers, Danny Myers
1957 Ben Franks, Joe Lazarus
1958 No Competition
1959 Melvin Rockfelt, Ralph Swimer
1960 Raymond Brock, Roy Higson
1961 Raymond Brock, Roy Higson
1962 Paul Gordon, Melvin Rockfelt
1963 Douglas Smerdon, John Langiert
1964 Jonathan Cansino, Robert Sheehan
1965 Michael Allen, F. Dlugajczyk
1966 Martin Hoffman, Joe Moskal
1967 Maurice Porter, Harry Cooke
1968 Maurice Esterson, Graham Cooke
1969 D. Valley, C. S. Moffat
1970 Stan Zychlinski, John Meizis
1971 Gerard Faulkner, Keith Stanley
1972 Ken Littler, Gerry Maloney
1973 Ian Handley, Roger Bryant
1974 Miss Sally Eggett, Mrs. Alison Rycroft
1975 Tony Black, Alan Kay
1976 Tony Philpott, Bob Rowlands
1977 Graham Jepson, Peter Littlewood
1978 Mike Nardin, Steve Lodge
1979 Tony Odams, Derek Griffiths
1980 Dr. Tony Sowter, Steve Lodge
1981 Gerry Stanford, G. C. Chamberlin
1982 Peter Caro, Roddy Knapp
1983 D. Mills, R. Watts
1984 Jeremy Dhondy, Jerry Cope
1985 Alan Mould, Anil Ruia
1986 Willy Crook, A. Kitson
1987 Steve Whittleton, Roy Dempster
1988 Steve Preston, Andy Hughes
1989 Paul Bowyer, P. Harvey
1990 Paul Bowyer, Jim Mason
1991 John Holland, Robert Ferrari
1992 Martyn Hill-Jones, J. L. Pepin
1993 Graham Moore, John Cuthbert
1994 Andrew Macnair, Alan Kay
1995 Chris Dixon, Pat Davies
1996 Martin Jones, John Collings
1997 Graham Jepson, Peter Littlewood
1998 Paul Bowyer, P. A. Harvey
1999 Jerry Harouni, Peter Tobias
2000 Don McFarlane, Alastair Brodie
2001 Peter Lindon, Mrs Dee Lindon
2002 Chris Dixon, Pat Davies
2003 Peter Lee, Bob Rowlands
2004 Alan Jones, David Barton
2005 Jerry Harouni, Waseem Naqvi
2006 Michael Byrne, John Hassett
2007 Peter Lee, Bob Rowlands
2008 Miles Cowling, Chirs Kinloch
2009 Tim Brierley, Mike Elliott
2010 Chris Jagger, Ian Pagan
2011 Chris Jagger, Catherine Jagger
2012 Robert (Bob) Rowlands, Peter Lee
2013 Gad Chadha, Ingar Hansen
2014 Robert (Bob) Rowlands, Peter Lee
2015 Phil Godfrey, James Thrower
2016 Peter Hasenson, David Sherman


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